172 Changes

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He coughed up a little blood when he started circulating his magic. He had kept all of the pain inside his body all this time, but having to leave the stronghold immediately after he broke through gave him a little problem with his magic.

It needed to flow through his body to release the energy that was bottled up inside the star. The explosion it released took away most of that energy, but a little remained. He kept it bottled inside and was planning on releasing it later, but he encountered the woman from the Fairmount Family.

After spending the next few hours without circulating the magic and even using it like normal, his body had taken a huge toll. He continued circulating the magic since it was the only thing that could help him.

When he did this, he realized that he hadn’t used all of the energy inside the Radiant Apple. He still had a substantial amount to use. He started circulating that energy around his body a single time before letting it settle in his mind.

After he did that, a new cloud formed inside his mind. He also used some of the magic to make his star more stable. Since he had to escape immediately after breaking through, he didn’t get a chance to do this.

Because of this extra magical energy, he could easily form a new cloud. After spending a little more time releasing the pent-up energy inside the rest of the magic, he was able to bring it back to his mind easily. Any of the excess was absorbed by the newly formed cloud.

After this, he opened his eyes with an expression of relief. He had gotten past the hurdle he had and now decided to go through the good things that happened to him.

Once he opened his eyes, he realized how much the difference between someone in the 3rd Circle and the 4th Circle was after his breakthrough. In his case, after breaking through to the 4th Star, his strength grew by five times.

His perception covered half of the entire city he was in. It was a very small city, but it was still covering a very substantial area. He could see everything that was happening in the area covering his perception which would give him the ability to see anything coming toward him very quickly.

But he was more interested in the spells that were going to be added to his arsenal. He quickly went to check what spells were added to the book. He entered the white room and realized something was different compared to before. 

He saw a new room that was added. He walked up to the room first and looked at it.

“Room of Records”

He pushed open the door and walked forward. The room was completely empty and he was surrounded by white space on every side. He waited for something to happen for a while before realizing that nothing was going to.

He went back outside the room with a confused expression. It was the first time he had seen a new room that served no purpose to him. But he trusted the tome.

He decided to go to the other room and leave the Room of Records as it was without complaining. He entered the training room to look at his second favorite book – The Book of Spells.

He walked to the pedestal it was sitting on and picked it up. He eagerly opened the book and turned the pages to look at what was new. The pages turned past the previous spells that he had already learned before landing on the new set of spells – the 4th Star Spells.

When he saw these spells that were now available to him, they made him smile with satisfaction. They were all so many times more powerful than what he was using before. 

[Fire Nova]

[Creates a massive eruption of intense flames that radiate outward in a wave-like fashion from the caster, engulfing everything in its path.]

When he touched the page, the environment around him changed, and he found himself in a wetland. There weren’t any trees and there was water everywhere. Leo was a little confused since the area would make it harder for a fire element spell to be effective.

A familiar silhouette appeared and started demonstrating the spell. It initiated the spell, making the air crackle with anticipation, and the surroundings grow unnaturally warm. A surge of magical energy gathered around it, forming a swirling vortex of fiery hues. 

When the energy reaches its peak, the silhouette unleashed the Fire Nova with a forceful motion, causing the vortex of flames to explode outward. The flames surged forward, expanding rapidly in all directions, transforming the wetland around it into a blazing inferno.

The effect was instant and a large area with a radius of 100 meters around the silhouette was pulverized. Even the water instantly evaporated. Leo realized exactly how powerful the spells were with the demonstration.

[Shadow Veil]

[Conjures a veil of darkness, granting the caster enhanced stealth and the ability to move undetected in shadows.]I think you should take a look at

When he touched that page, the demonstration for it started. He found himself in the familiar slums in Solhaven. The silhouette appeared again and demonstrated the spell for him.

When it used the spell,  it summoned shadows that seemed to deepen and stretch, coalescing around the silhouette like a living entity. The shadows seemed to solidify after that, forming a veil that enveloped it. This veil then blended with the surrounding darkness.

It shrouded itself in this cloak of darkness, making itself completely invisible to the naked eye. He realized that the spell made the caster become hidden by the shadows. When the silhouette appeared again, it was behind him.

He was very impressed by the spell because it was the most functional out of all of the spells. He looked at the other spells and saw that the third spell was something he was somewhat familiar with.

[Arcane Barrage]

[Unleashes a barrage of arcane projectiles that home in on targets, striking with magical force.]

The reason he felt he knew this spell was because he had artificially created a version of this. He had previously used the Magic Bullet multiple times in a row to unleash multiple bullets at his enemies. 

This was so long ago though, and he knew the power wouldn’t even be close to the power of this spell. After all, a 1st Star Spell was the most basic spell possible.

The demonstration for this was the simplest till now. He found himself in a white room with a lot of targets. It was a room he was familiar with since he had used it before to practice.

The silhouette appeared and initiated the spell, channeling its magic. A series of arcane sigils and symbols materialize in front of it, hovering in the air with an ethereal glow. These symbols pulsated with arcane energy. 

It then made a motion with its hands that made the sigils produce a number of shimmering bolts made of similar arcane energy in front of them. It then waved its hands toward the targets in front of it, releasing a barrage of bolts.

These bolts surged forth, streaking through the air with incredible speed and precision. Each bolt carried the raw force of arcane power and struck the targets.

Upon impact, the bolts of arcane energy exploded, unleashing a concussive force that rippled outward that could cause damage to the surrounding area. The sheer intensity of the explosion could leave opponents reeling from the devastating impact.

After looking at that, he turned the pages of the book to reveal the last spell. He wanted to see what was going to be the last spell and if it was going to match the spells he had seen till then.

[Advanced Arcane Shield]

[A spell that creates a protective barrier around the caster, absorbing incoming attacks and reducing damage taken.]

He smiled when he saw this one. It was the most predictable spell that he expected to appear. It was a spell he saw appear every time he went to the next level. When he touched it, the familiar silhouette appeared.

“One last time, please,” Leo whispered to it even though it was probably not even listening to him.

The silhouette started the motion and cast the spell. Intricate patterns of arcane symbols and sigils materialized in the air, glowing with a vibrant aura of magical energy.

A radiant barrier manifests around the silhouette. The shield appeared as a translucent, shimmering dome of pure magical energy, stretching outward to form a protective barrier. It gleamed with an iridescent glow.

He waited to see if there were any attacks that were going to showcase its strength but didn’t see anything. He decided to test it himself and released a flame barrage that impacted the silhouette’s shield.

It created an explosion that clouded his vision with smoke. But with his perception, he knew that the shield was completely intact and his attack hadn’t done anything to it. It wasn’t anything special since he was only using a 3rd Circle Magic, but it was still comforting to know that the shield also seemed like a very powerful magic.

He took a deep breath as he took all of this in. He now had four spells that were all very powerful that he had to master. Since they were all so impactful, he expected that it would take him a lot of time to master them.

So he decided to start immediately, focusing on what he already knew. He was going to pick the Shadow Veil since he had learned so many shadow-based spells and Aura Techniques. It also made him think about the spells he received.

He noticed that there was a pattern with the spells that were available to him. All of them were either of the shadow attribute, the fire attribute or had no attribute. It seemed to say something about the person who created the tome. Just as he thought that he felt his wrist hurt.

He looked down and saw his tattoo glow.