212 Small Victories

The sight of the imposing army in front of them made all the fleeing soldiers halt in their positions.

“Ambush! There is an Ambush in the front!” They shouted desperately, hoping to get the people behind them to stop as well.

The soldiers in the front weren’t worried about the worries in the back so they stopped while relaying the information to the ones behind them. However, the soldiers all the way in the back were concerned solely about the demon in the back who was slaughtering his way to the front.

Leo charged forward as meaningless attacks were thrown his way. A few brave souls realized how useless running away was and tried to attack him. However, their arrows and blades did very little to stop him. They only managed to slow him down for a tiny amount of time by being a nuisance.


There were both Dmitri and the general who could take care of them on the way. He kept charging forward with nothing stopping him, leaving countless bodies behind. As people realized that fleeing was meaningless, they kneeled down and tried to surrender.

“We surrender!” 

The pleas of the soldiers fell on deaf ears. Their knees on the ground only helped them make their fall more gentle. Some of their heads were still attached to their necks, but most of them didn’t enjoy that luxury.

They were sharing a similar fate on the other side of the ravine where the army chose to stop right at the exit. Attacks from the Blood God’s army poured onto the Heart Alliance. No one seemed to mind killing those who surrendered.

The slaughter was violent and short. Within an hour, the 150000-strong army lay on the ground. The stench of blood was in the air but no one seemed to mind it. Standing atop the corpses, Leo looked around.

The scene was eerily similar to what he experienced when he entered this strange battlefield. He was standing on top of a mountain of corpses then too. Dmitri approached him but maintained a distance when he noticed the look in his eyes.

Leo’s eyes had a very noticeable hint of red that made him look scarier than normal. He looked back at Dmitri who backed away.

“How many casualties?” He asked.

“Twelve, my liege. A few soldiers got too excited when seeing so many people kill and eagerly rushed for more achievements. The cornered army slaughtered them. They are, after all, a veteran army.”

“Twelve is manageable. Get the soldiers ready. We are leaving to fight the rest of the alliance.”

“Of course. The entire forces here belong to the Bandit King and the Spade Queen. The Fire King withdrew all of his forces from the attack. He might have predicted this outcome.”

Leo smiled. “That is okay. He will be crushed either way. You were right, Dmitri. We are the Blood Shrine army! We didn’t have a need to resort to tricks like this. With opponents this weak, we will be slaughtering them whether there are 150000 soldiers or 300000 soldiers.”

“Blood God! Blood God! Blood God!”

Chants of the Blood God loudly bounced around the ravine. With the victory, all the soldiers were very excited.

“We will leave immediately. I trust that everyone can fly, so we can avoid the corpses. The army has to reach there in an hour. By then, I will join the decoy. We will pincer the camp with this army and the illusion that we sent beforehand,” Leo said to Dmitri.

“But they will know that one of the armies is an illusion.”

“It doesn’t matter. I am only going to guard my soldiers. Once we surround the camp, we will battle it out like normal. There shouldn’t be a big problem once we get rid of the stronger generals and commanders.”

The orders went out and Leo set out to reach the team he sent out the previous day. As he flew through the sky, he saw what seemed to be the camp of the Heart Alliance far away in the distance. Well, it was more of the Fire Kingdom’s army since both the Spade Kingdom and the Maldine Kingdom’s armies were wiped out by him.

The camp wasn’t as far as he thought – only a hundred miles from his location. With the amazing senses of his body, he was able to see it even from where he was. In the distance, he could see his own army as well. 

As he got closer, he noticed that he wasn’t alone in approaching the army. There were multiple individuals maintaining a safe distance while scoping the army. He realized that they were scouts.

One of them was camouflaged as the sand on the desert and was crawling toward the camp. The only reason he was picked out by Leo was because of the unreal perception of his body. There were a lot of perks to being an 8th Circle Aura Knight.

As the scout was crawling toward the army, Leo landed right behind him. The scout realized this immediately and slowly turned back. The bone-chilling aura that was emanating from behind her shook her mind.

When she completely turned around, her body shuddered. In front of her was a person clad in a blood-red robe. His bloodshot eyes that seemed to stare into her soul and the blood dripping from his halberd weren’t making it any better for her.

A drop of blood dripped onto the ground from his robe which made her realize that the robe wasn’t supposed to be red in the first place. There were hints of a lighter red which seemed to be its original color. The darker shade was artificially created by blood stains all over it.

With this much blood around him, she came to a conclusion very quickly. This was someone who had either massacred or witnessed the massacre of a lot of people and had come to the Blood God’s army. It was easy to assume that he belonged to the Blood Shrine.

“Lord-Lord General. Please spare me,” she whispered.

“You are here to spy on my army. Tell me, why should I leave you? Give me a good reason,” he said with an emotionless. His hand was very tempted to just wave his halberd and decapitate the girl, but he was holding off on the urge.

“I can- I can give you information! The Fire Kingdom thinks that the army here could be an illusion. They are planning for an invasion from the south from where the rest of the Heart Alliance entered a ravine.”

His mouth curved into a smile. 

“That is indeed a good reason. What is your name, girl?”

“I am Laury,” she said. Her eyes were filled with hope that she was going to be free.

“Well, Lauri, let me give you a piece of advice. And let this be the last piece of advice you receive. Don’t try to go against the Blood God.”

His halberd swung down at her neck, slicing her head off her body.