82 The Pink Python [1] - Maddening Screech

The wound was showing up purple to his mystic eyes.

She was definitely in the early stages of the infection, but after touching her wound, he could feel that it was a little warm and was definitely swelling.

Pulling her down further, Silas touched her forehead before finally sighing.

“We’re going to have to stop for a second.” He looked back at the rest of the group who were watching him curiously.

“No! We don’t have time for that!” Jessica tried to pull away, but for some reason, she couldn’t. His arm was hurting a little, but it was Silas’ steel vice grip holding her in place as if she was nothing but a ragdoll to him.

However, after hearing his words, her face dropped before she stuttered out-

“Uh. W-Wait!”


“Why would I die?” She asked.

“Your would is infected. I’m surprised your healer didn’t tell you.” Silas looked back at their healer with a shake of the head.

“I’m out of mana!” The healer complained. She had been healing the entire group before, and she was spent.

“We’ve been walking for hours. You should have more than enough mana now.” Silas narrowed his eyes.

Maybe it was because Jessica was a little bit of a bitch? Sure, she was an ass to him, but it didn’t seem like anyone liked her.

“Hmm…” Silas looked back at the wound and began to trace out two spells.

“Purge.” He muttered, killing most of the bacteria around the wound.

He then analyzed the rest of her wounds and used purge on them as well. He could have used an incantation, but since he hadn’t used one for a couple of years now, he had forgotten most of them.

After purging all the harmful bacteria and sanitizing her wound, Silas quickly used heal without tracing out the runes or saying anything. Heal was an extremely simple spell, and since Jessica only had claw wounds on non-vital areas, it was more than enough to heal her completely.

“How do you feel?” Silas asked while rubbing his finger over the place where the wound was.

“Hurts a little when you touch it, but otherwise it’s fine.” She replied, her eyes averting from Silas’ gaze as a small blush showed on her face.

“What?” Silas asked.

“Sorry about earlier.” 

‘Apologising? Maybe she hit her head?’ Silas asked himself before shrugging.

“No problem.” He stood, took the bag he was holding earlier, and began to walk again with the rest of the group.

“We should be close.” Jessica pointed out where they were.

They had walked pretty deep into the forest, and for most of the group, they couldn’t see anything past their feet.


“Shit. If we fight it here, we’re done for.” Jessica cursed before looking at Silas who still had his ice axes on his back.

“Can you gather up all the mist?” She asked.

‘I already used fire and water, so I won’t be able to use air here. Though, I think water will work for now.’ Silas thought before muttering words under his breath so no one could hear what he was saying, especially the Azure.

Now, they could see him either, so when he dashed back, he instantly put his hand into the air and created the tier-3 spell.

Silas was pretty sure that, now that he had reached the topaz core, he could use tier-4 spells the normal way. However, he was choosing not to.

With his current mana pool, a single normal tier-4 spell would definitely drain at least half his mana reserves. 

Sure, a runic tier-4 spell wouldn’t do that, but he didn’t have enough time to trace one out.

After a few seconds, they all heard the creature come closer and close. Branches seemed to be breaking on the way to them, allowing most of them to assume that the creature was enormous.

However, by then they didn’t have to imagine anymore since the fog was beginning to clear up.

It was much thicker than last time, so the water sphere above Silas’ head was already the same size as the last one despite the fog remaining.

‘I need to get rid of this one’ Silas thought, and when no one was looking, he created tier-three spells from his feet and both his hands at the same time.

The spheres of water broke into four before compressing and elongating at the same time.

With a snap of his fingers, Silas quickly turned them into jagged ice javelins before compressing them even more with all his willpower.

Waving his hand, Silas shot all of them at the same time toward the direction of the incoming python.

Silas couldn’t see the python’s mana core yet, but from the pressure it was released, he knew that it was at the very least in the amethyst core.

No… It felt a little stronger than that.

When the javelins shot beyond what their vision could see, they all heard the python’s movement halt.

“Did you get it?” Jessica asked, but Silas raised his hands again and did the same thing to the fog around them… Just for save measure.


A bloodcurdling roar sent a wave of mana throughout the entire forest.

The warriors covered their ears with toki before using their hands as well. However, the mage and healer weren’t so lucky.

Azure fell to her knees and screamed out in anguish as a horrifying amount of pain coursed through her body.

She felt like her blood had turned into lava, making her feel like her entire body was boiling from the inside.

Her brain was being rattled so much that she was beginning to forget everything about herself, and just a second later, they all watched as she fell to the ground, brain matter slowly leaking through her ears while blood flooded out of her nose.

Just like that, she was dead.


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