88 One vs Forty [2] - Invisibility Technique

Silas’ blazing emerald eyes saw over 40 individuals, each and every single one of them holding a blade of some kind, surrounding the entire team and getting ready to slaughter them.

Jessica was the quickest to react, instantly activating her blade’s ability, covering her dagger with a red hue, the others quickly brandished their blades. 

She had been feeling like something was following them for a longer time than Silas, but she had no idea what it was. Her instincts were telling her that danger was nearby, but no matter what she did to find what that danger was, she was unable to locate it.

Though, it should have come as no surprise that she realized that they were surrounded much faster than Silas did. She had a lot more experience when it came to fighting people with toki and mana, so it was to be expected that she would feel like something was wrong before him.

However, Silas had his mystic eyes as an advantage over her, that’s why he was quickly able to locate the people around them and alert his teammates before they could attack them.

Silas’ team was all experienced enough to react in time when there was danger around them, however, that didn’t mean they knew exactly what to do when the battle truly began.

The sound of metal bashing against metal echoed for a moment. They all felt something come closer to them.

The healer among them stabbed her staff into the ground while activating all the runes on her staff. 

Her body was almost instantly enveloped in a golden healing and strengthening energy that would have protected her from any of the attacks, however, unlike the rest of her teammates, she was not fast enough to react.

Suddenly, Silas’ eyes darted to the right as he felt something pass him, but when he looked over at where the assassin had gone, it was already too late.

In the millisecond before the golden staff energy could cover the healer and keep her safe, the assassin has shot forth and stabbed her in the heart before twisting his blade and activating a certain set of runes.

Silas’ eyes widened as he saw this, but Jessica had reacted faster than him in this situation.

She shot forth too and plunged her dagger right into the eye of the assassin, killing him instant after the red hue around her dagger flared while still being in his eye.

“Shit…” Silas muttered before turning around and grabbing an incoming dagger with his bare hands. The moment he had touched the dagger of the assassin, he saw his invisibility flicker for a moment, causing him to narrow his eyes.

Without batting an eye, Silas plunged his hand into the assassin’s heart and crushed it before throwing the body aside.

Looking back, he narrowed his eyes and sighed.

His mystic eyes detected no life signs on the healer, and her life force was dwindling at an incredible pace.

A few seconds more and she would most likely die, so Silas simply closed his eyes and spoke.

“From this point and onwards, it’s every man for himself… Understood?” His voice was a little cold. He didn’t even wait for their answer and slammed his foot into the ground, creating several ice walls around all of them in the blink of an eye.

“This won’t protect you for long, but take your time to gather your thoughts and fight for your life.” Silas continued before flipping over the ice walls and appearing on the other side.

He felt all their eyes suddenly land on him, and without skipping a beat, he dashed forward for a few meters and turned around.

‘There really are over forty of them. I have no clue how strong they are since I can’t feel their energy at all, nor can I feel their pressure or even see their toki. All I can do is sense their strength through my instincts.’ Silas thought before sighing.

‘For now, let’s fix your invisibility problem.’ He grinned and clapped his hands.

The ice wall wasn’t there to just protect his teammates. It was there to make sure they didn’t see more than they were allowed to see.

A brown magic circle appeared before him, something he hadn’t used the entire time he had been a part of this team.

Silas saw many of the assassins flinch, or at least that’s what it looked like. It was hard to tell what they were doing from the small disturbance in the air and the flow of mana.

Their ability clearly worked with the use of toki, though, it also seemed to have the ability to completely conceal their presence from all senses, even sight.

Silas didn’t understand how it worked, but he knew that his next trick would be extremely helpful to not only him but his teammates too.

Suddenly, mud and sand shot out in all directions, covering the assassins.

In that very instant, they toki flared and became wild, deactivating the technique and exposing their real bodies and auras.

He could now feel their strength. They were all amethyst cores, yet all but one remained below the pristine grade.

Silas watched half of them try and restore their invisibility, while the other half threw caution out of the window and attacked him right away.

“You idiots. They said use causion!” The strongest among them shouted, yet the rest didn’t listen.

Surprisingly, not many of them seemed to be wearing armor, and the moment Silas saw that, his confidence in beating them skyrocketed.

The assassins moved at insane speeds, dashing around the battlefield without any real regard for life.

Their bodies would have looked like blurs to anyone else, but Silas could see them clearly as they moved through the air.


Leaning back, Silas quickly dodged an incoming blade, but he could already feel 20 others aimed at him.

Suddenly, it felt like everything around him had slowed down.

His eyes blazed with smoldering emerald-green before his body moved on its own.

He could feel the blades whizz past him in a symphony of whistles and swooshed as he continued to dodge each and every strike that came toward him.

Every step, every movement, and every breath he did was deliberate.

His dodged and weaved around the blades like a streak of black, white and green that blurred around the blades.

He danced around them, landings solid punches on some, while simply avoiding others.

Time and again, the assassins’ blades came within a hair’s breadth of silencing his existence, only to be thwarted by Silas’s preternatural grace. He twisted and contorted his body, his every motion a testament to his mastery over the art of evasion. 

The air crackled with tension as the dance of life and death unfolded, leaving those who bore witness spellbound.

‘Enough playing around.’ Silas muttered before his eyes blazed once more and his hand shot through the air aiming to stab through the chest of one of the assassins trying to kill him.

However, right before he could, he felt the hairs at the back of his neck stand up before a blade stabbed through the very arm he was trying to attack with.


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