105 Road To Becoming Judgement [5] - Bromance

“I will become the next Judgement, not you!” Silas shouted while pointing at Grant.




This time, the silence was genuine. No angry stares were pointed at Silas. No whispers were said. They all simply looked at him for a moment with dumbfounded expressions…

Before one of them chuckled… Grant chuckled.

And just like that, the entire neighborhood was filled with roaring laughter and people slapped their legs and dropped to the ground to let it all out.

The resolve on Silas’ face looked like it was being destroyed by the second, yet Grant quickly disappeared from where he stood.

Silas’ hair stood up again as his danger senses told him something was coming, yet instead of being attacked, he felt a hand drop onto his shoulder.

“That was a good one kid. You can come to this part of town whenever you want, alright?” Grant chuckled before patting Silas on the back and walking away from him.

Everyone else continued to laugh, but when they finally stopped, Silas realized that they didn’t glare at him anymore.

Some of them even walked up to him and gave him a pat on the shoulder as well.

“That was brave, kid. I have to give you that.” One of them chuckled.

“I… Didn’t expect that…” Seraphina muttered while letting out her third sigh in the last few minutes.

It had been a little bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, going from joy at seeing Silas, to stress that he might die, to shock when she saw him shiver under Grant’s gaze, before turning into terror when Silas proclaimed that he would become the next Judgement.

Archie and Seraphina were friends, yet from her reaction, Silas could tell that she wasn’t in on their plan. 

After being praised for a few minutes, Silas quickly found himself being dragged toward one of the lounge areas.

‘They’re pretty outstanding… for being such losers…’ Silas couldn’t help but think that while looking at them.

They all looked like the type who would drink in the mornings and nights. Hell, some of them were drunk before he had even gotten to their part of the city, but due to him being a minor, they all avoided drinking and smoking.

It wasn’t really something Silas would think about often, but most laws didn’t really apply to Gilea. No one really enforced them, not even in the city. However, even though they were technically the enforces of the city, Silas didn’t expect them to hold up the law after what he had heard from Archie.

And not only did they hold up the law around him, but they also did the morally correct thing and avoided intoxicants while he was around.

The rest of the day passed by in what felt like the blink of an eye. It had been quite a long since Silas had an actual conversation with a real person rather than talking about things that mattered. Sure, it felt like he was wasting his time, but in a way, he justified it by calling it a “necessary interraction.”

Silas made sure that, throughout the conversations, he would slip past any of the questions that he shouldn’t answer. They didn’t really look at him like a child anymore after getting to know him for an hour or two, but they still avoided doing any intoxicants.

Though, it did make it did make it easier for them to understand when Silas was trying to evade a question. Fortunately, he was pretty good at avoiding questions. It was quite easy after having to deal with so much politics back then.

“Hmmm. Well, I’ll probably have to train extra hard to fight against Mr. Evershield.”



“Wait, you were being serious about that?” One of them asked with shock written on his face.

“Yeah, why?” Silas tilted his head.

“Well, Judgement is extremely powerful. You won’t stand a chance against him. He’s almost as strong as our previous leader, just more competant.” One of them joked while the rest chuckled.

“Oh yeah? I’m going to beat him! Watch me.” Silas tapped on his bicep.

“Your funeral.” Another shrugged before taking a sip from a smoothie he had ordered.

“How about I train you for your upcoming fight?” Seraphine chimed in, causing everyone to look at her with raised brows.

Crossing one leg over the other, she continued- “I’m an expert fighter. My current strength might not be at the same level as Judgement, but I’m still a Gold rank with two stars.” She tilted her head up in pride.

‘Two stars… What the hell is that?!’

“I think that’s a pretty good idea. How about we all train him. You know, so he doesn’t immediately die against our leader.” Another chimed in before they all unanimously agreed that they would train Silas.

‘…’ Silas looked down before tears streaked out of his eyes.

They all looked gobsmacked for a moment, but they quickly remembered that he was still a 10-year-old… Or at least he looked like one.

“T-Thank you so much… I’ve never had this many friends before.” Silas stuttered while looking up at them.

And when he did that, he saw a group of over 30 men, holding their arms over their eyes or simply sniffling, trying to suppress the tears that were about to flow out of their eyes.


The strongest amongst them walked toward Silas and got onto a knee as well. He looked down at the ground the entire time before placing his hand on Silas’ shoulder once more.

“K-Kid… We will help… We will be your friends.” He sniffled while everyone behind him cheered.

‘Well… I have no clue what I just did, but I guess it’s a win for me?’

A few more hours passed by, and eventually, Silas decided to call it a day and left their lounge and began to walk home, but that’s when he felt it again.

Looking up, Silas saw a pair of blue eyes stare at him from the entrance of the neighborhood. It made Silas narrow his eyes, but he continued to walk.

However, the man at the end could visibly see Silas shuddering under his power, and when he was finally a few meters away, the man opened his mouth and spoke.

“So… You weren’t joking when you said you’d fight me?”


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