126 The Rebellion [7] - 4 vs 1

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The sharp blade of the axe dug a centimeter deep before stopping.

This would have killed most people if it wasn’t dealt with immediately, but Silas knew that he wasn’t going against a normal person.

Hell, he wasn’t even going up against a human.

He was up against a beastkin with armor that he could only dream of having. 

However, as he pulled his arm back, he quickly realized that there was resistance in the other direction as if all her neck muscles were working together to grab onto the axe and stop him from pulling it out.

However, Silas’ raw power was far stronger than anything Greed could have done with her neck muscles alone, so with one good pull, the axe came out of her neck before.

Feeling something coming from his right, Silas ducked, allowing the clawed hands to pass right above him without hurting a hair on his body.

‘Damnit… I panicked.’ Silas thought while gritting his teeth.

He was supposed to activate his axe’s active skill when it was in the opponent’s body, however, right now it seemed like that wouldn’t be possible until the next time he hit her.

He knew that hitting her again would be hard, however, in this fight, he was not the only opponent Greed had to deal with.


A sizzling wind of air hit Greed’s face as she tilted her head to the right to avoid the golden light that had shot toward her intending to burn right through her head.

Despite Greed being weaker than most of the generals, her instincts were honed, and her beast body allowed her to take on people with the ability to manipulate and control toki to their will.

It was the reason why, despite having a Garnet core, she was still considered to be stronger than Life in the public rankings. Of course, every general had a well-guarded secret about their strength… They all had trump cards, and while Life’s trump care was the use of light magic in an offensive manner, Greed’s one was her equipment.

“Love… You never seem to disappoint me.” Greed sighed, her voice sounding gurgled as blood entered her airways. Seeing her in such a state, Silas wondered how she could even speak since her vocal cords were probably destroyed, yet in the next instant, he found himself dealing with a bigger problem.

Tapping the center of her chest, green runes began to light up all over her armor, and at a speed that the eye could see, everyone watched as her neck healed completely, not even leaving a single mark behind.

“Shit.” Life cursed while Silas jumped back a few meters.

However, while Silas was moving back, there was someone else who was charging forward…

Or at least, that’s what they thought he had done.

Appearing behind greed was a figure cloaked in black. 

Death no longer had his positive persona on and was now deadly serious.

His blade suddenly left its scabbard and flew through the air with a whistle, however, just like with the beam of light, Greed dodged it without exerting too much effort.

At the same time, her hand shot forth with all the power and speed she could muster, and within an instant, her hand had passed right through Death’s head.

Yet, she quickly realized the mistake she had just made.

She tried to retract her head, yet Death’s other hand grabbed her by the wrist and held her in place.

At the same time, his blade cut through the air like a bolt of lightning and aimed for one of the only parts of her body that weren’t blocked by her armor. Her head.

As Death’s blade sliced through the air with lightning speed, aimed directly at Greed’s exposed head, she could sense the impending danger.

Acting swiftly, she summoned her inner beastkin reflexes, her body transforming into a blur of motion. She strongarmed through Death’s grasp, narrowly evading the lethal strike.

With a confident smirk, Greed swiftly retaliated, her claws swiping through the air toward Death’s vulnerable form. But Death was not easily caught off guard. He utilized his phasing ability, allowing Greed’s claws to pass harmlessly through his body. 

As her attacks met nothing but empty air, a sense of frustration crept into Greed’s eyes.

“Damn it.” Silas muttered to himself. 

He was definitely feeling like something was wrong. Like he couldn’t tap into his full strength for a reason that still remained unknown to him.

Looking at her every movement, Silas was slightly mesmerized by the flexibility and grace that she moved with. It felt like he was watching one of those Marvel movies before the franchise died out, but this was real life.

“Fuck it.” Silas muttered before flicking his wrist, creating a blue magic circle and summoning a torrent of water around him before shaping it into powerful currents that surged towards Greed. 

The force of the water threatened to overwhelm her, aiming to bind her movements and give his companions an opening.

However, Greed’s agility and mastery of her beastkin instincts allowed her to adapt quickly. Sure, she wasn’t old per se to the point where she would have been experiencing enough to overwhelm her enemies through sheer wisdom and experience, however, she had been trained from the moment of her birth to become the person she was today.

With a graceful leap, she evaded the oncoming water and landed on a nearby platform, her eyes gleaming with a mix of cunning and arrogance.

While Silas continued his assault, Eclipse seized the opportunity to strike. With a swift and calculated movement, he lunged towards Greed, his fists channeling the power of years of experience. 

Eclipse’s blows were precise and measured, each strike aimed at exploiting the smallest of openings in Greed’s defenses.

But Greed’s armor, forged with superior craftsmanship, provided formidable protection. Eclipse’s attacks glanced off the sturdy plating, leaving only minor scratches, that could have been easily wiped off, in their wake. Greed smirked, taunting Eclipse with her invulnerability.

Meanwhile, Life, feeling the urgency of the situation, tapped into her light magic. 

Golden radiance emanated from her, and with a flick of her wrist, she created countless magic circles and unleashed a barrage of golden bolts of light toward Greed. 

The bolts crackled through the air, seeking to pierce through her defenses.