138 Nymira Farlane [1]

It had been a few days since Greed’s death, and ever since that day, not much had happened.

The generals had planned to choose the next Judgement fairly this time, but they had postponed it until everything would eventually blow over.

Of course, many people have had a rough time when trying to understand that they had just lost a week of their lives. 

Many of them became fearful of the generals as they suddenly understood what they were capable of, yet others were in awe of them for having saved them from the “tyrannical” Greed that had taken over everyone’s minds and somehow become the villain in the eyes of everyone, including her own faction.

However, now that Greed was dead, she also had to be replaced.

Silas had asked Jessica to volunteer for the job, and even though there was still weren’t many who wanted to put themself forward for the job, it did encourage one or two individuals to to go against Jessica.

After what Greed, had done, the Greed faction itself was beginning to receive a lot of discrimination.

They were openly being hated on by the rest of the factions. Shops refused to service Greed faction members, while people in general simply avoided them.

It was discrimination at its finest. Silas had seen it far too much back on Earth, especially after the third world war.

It happened and ended before he could even reach the age of 16 where he would be allowed to partake in it, but it was one of many factors that brought back racism and other forms of discrimination.

However, despite seeing what was happening to the Greed faction, he didn’t do anything. It wasn’t his problem anymore. It was Jessica’s and the rest of the Greed faction’s problem to deal with it.

He had his own problems to deal with right now, and after his conversation with Nymira, he had to become Judgement… No matter the cost.

No… He needed to do more than that.

He needed to become a force to be reckoned with. He needed to become someone that everyone feared.

He wanted people to tremble at the mention of his name. He wanted them to scream in fear when he appears, and drop to their knees when looks at them…

That was the job he was going into, and that was also the job that he needed in order to do everything necessary to bring his family back from the Skylarks.

He had placed them in that mess, so it was his responsibility to bring them out.

When Silas was holding onto Archie by the neck, he had realized it.

He had only one goal right now.

His rage had been pointed at a specific group. The nobles… The royals…

All of them had to suffer.

Every single one of them.

And what’s a better way to start than take away what they wanted from the Darkless organization in the first place?


A low click sounded from the door, and when it opened, a pink-haired girl with a pair of dead eyes was in view.

“Hello, Nymira.” Silas smiled and didn’t wait for another second before stepping forward.

Nymira hadn’t invited him in yet, but he doubted that she would invite him in the first place. He had come without telling her, and he could already see her hand twitch as she was going to close the door in his face.

Of course, he had placed his hand on the door before she could close it, so despite how much strength she had placed in the push, she couldn’t budge it from where it stood.

“I’m here to talk.” Silas simply commented before walking past her.

Looking around, he could not help but narrow his eyes slightly.

The place she was living in was definitely better than the one he was living in.

Actually, it was better than most of the places in the city. It had two floors which both belonged to her, a large kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms, and even a training room through the back.

Her house looked like a modern European household with a few signs of Japanese architecture… Or whatever this planet called it.

It was weird to see something he recognized on a planet that was supposed to be completely different from the one he had come from. It really made him wonder whether or not there were people before him who had come to this planet, and if that was the case, where were they now, and what happened to them in the first place to allow them to travel to a planet on the other side of the universe.

Silas was pretty sure that he was the only one who had cracked the life equation to the same degree that he had. He could feel the life equation deeply embedded into his soul, and even now, he could feel it pulsing through his veins in the form of his evolution blessing.

“You really need to tidy up this place,” Silas commented as his eyes looked around the place with an ounce of curiosity.

It was… Dirty, to say the least.

There was rubbish everywhere. 

Silas could see all types of garments laying around the living room, as well as food, juices… 

‘Is that… Alcohol?! Who the hell gave 9-year-old alcohol!’ Silas thought with knitted brows.

Despite the varying smells in the room, he could smell the faint scent of wine.

‘Wait, no. Maybe someone visited her and had a drink? But who would visit her and not clean up… Unless.’ Suddenly, a certain flame filled with fury burned inside Silas’ heart.


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