150 Judgement [6]

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“Are you two ready?” Archie, who had seemingly stepped out of thin air, asked. He looked at both of them for a moment, causing both of them to brandish their weapons as an answer.

MySilas took out both of his axes, while Archie simply whipped out a giant sword that he had been keeping in some kind of tiny body attached to his belt.

Silas stared at it for a moment and realized that it was a dimensional storage. The hilt had always been on the outside, but Silas couldn’t figure out what it was at first.

However, after looking at again, Silas realized that it was a dimensional scabbard. It was a pretty ingenious idea. Silas had to give them that much credit at the very least.

“No rules. Let the battle begin.” Archie swiped his hands down, and at that moment, Grant turned into a blur as he activated his armor and shot forward as quickly as possible.

His sword sliced through the air like a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of Silas.

Without giving it much thought, Silas leaned back and dodged the attack.

Throwing something on the ground, Grant smiled.

[An energy is entering your body]

[Your body has rejected the energy to a certain extent]

[Any mana that leaves your body will be disturbed]

Silas looked at the notifications for a moment before smirking slightly, but the smirk quickly disappeared faster than anyone could see it.

“I’m assuminig you don’t understand what just happened.” Grant grinned.

“I do… I just don’t find it all that ammusing.” Silas shrugged.

“Acting aloof I see. Well, that doesn’t matter now. But I’m sure you see it now, right? You see that I am superior to you in every way!”

“Are you… Schizophrenic? Because I’m pretty sure you’re seeing things.” Silas raised a brow with a mocking tone.

“Enough of your mockery. Let everyone witness me mop you even after you’ve shown me everything you have to offer. Let me show everyone here that without your magic, you are nothing!” Grant laughed.

‘Is he… Stupid?’ Silas thought to himself.

Grant began to speed around. Silas could see several trinkets on his body that were shining with runic formations on them. Some made him quick, while others made his strikes stronger.

Yet, when Silas’ axe clashes with Grant’s sword, Grant felt a shiver go down his body.

‘Why isn’t he budging…’ He thought as a feeling of dread entered his heart.

Grant began to speed around again. He held his wide and long sword like it was a feather in his hands, continuously swinging it toward Silas in a fury of swipes that left everything around him cut and destroyed.

Archie made sure that the attacks from the battle didn’t reach the crowd by lowering some of the larger floating crystals and creating a force field of energy around the two.

The crowd was amazed by how fast Grant was moving. Most of them were probably in the silver rank or lower, while mercenaries and others who did jobs that needed strength were around the gold rank. 

Yet, it was a well-known fact that Grant was a high platinum rank, which is equivalent to a pristine amethyst beast. 

As the audience watched the way he moved and struck with brilliance and grace, they could not help but open their mouths in awe. They were watching an amazing display of power that they hadn’t seen before.

They were so mesmerized by the display of strength, technique, and speed that they couldn’t see the other side of the picture.

They couldn’t see the look of distress on Grant’s face as every attack he threw was blocked as if he was nothing but a fly in the eyes of his enemy.

Silas’ brilliant emerald eyes stared into his soul with a heart-dropping glare. 

Every attack that was blocked felt like not only a hit to Grant’s ego, but it also made him feel slightly more terrified of Silas.

‘What he did in my office was a fluke… He caught me by surprise… He probably didn’t even kill Greed, and even if he did, she was already weakened by the rest of the generals. There’s no way a kid who’s barely broken through to the solid-topaz core can beat me… He’s a mage!

He’s weak! He’s not wearing armor. He must be using some kind of trick!’ Grant screamed to himself.

Silas could see his eyes shake every time he blocked his attacks, and if he had to be honest, that look made Silas feel a jolt of exhilaration run through his body.

It felt amazing to slowly destroy someone the way he was doing right now. There was a flame in his body that craved for that feeling ever since he was had been on Earth.

The feeling of someone completely losing their will. The feeling of someone slowly losing faith as you crush their hopes and dreams.

That was the feeling he had been craving for, yet it was only now that he felt it to its true extent once more. And the only reason this was happening in the first place was because the man before him had an ego.

It always felt better when they had an ego.

Slowly, a smile began to extend from the corner of Silas’ lips.

“Grant… Today I’ll show that.

I don’t need magic to beat the likes of you.”

When those guttural words entered Grant’s ears, he felt another shiver go down his spine.

And before he could react to what was about to come, everyone else felt it as well.



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