193 Spell Creation Methods [1]

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“Alright. I’m done.” Silas said, making the two teens before him look at him with excited smiles.

“You look happier than usual.” Silas said with a raised brow.

“You’ve been absorbing that blood drop for a few days now. Of course we’re excited. You have no idea how hungry I am.” Nymira said, and as if her stomach had agreed, it gurgled slightly.

“Did you guys not eat?” Silas asked with a little bit of worry on his face.

“Of course we ate. It’s just that when we did eat, the food was kind of terrible.” Alex chimed in.

“I don’t think the chefs would like it if they heard that.” Silas chuckled and placed a pot in the middle of the dining table.

“Screw them. They’re not allowed to talk until their food is better than yours! And they dare call themselves chefs too!” Nymira said in outrage before looking at the pot and plates before them.

One of the bowls was a salad bowl filled with all kinds of vegetables that one might find in the Xylem kingdom. For most humans, it looked slightly weird; but that’s as far as the weirdness went. After all, most vegetables didn’t look too far from many of the ones that could be found on Earth.

Many were larger, and some even had mana to influence their shape, taste, growth rate, and even their effects.

A meat stew in the middle of the table made both Nymira and Alex stop training and come to eat almost immediately.

Even now, Silas could see them salivating. 

The last plate was where he placed the bread. It didn’t look like the normal slices one would have found on earth, but instead was a small loaf that one wouldn’t have a problem eating on their own.

“You can start eating.” Silas said, and they essentially pounced at the food.

They placed the meat stew into a small bowl and took a piece of bread before breaking it in two and dipping a portion into it.

Afterward, they simply ate with their hands and used the bread to scoop up any vegetables or meat inside.

Within a half an hour, they were done eating, and when the hunger that had been feeling for a couple of days now finally disappeared, they both began to feel sleepy.

“Thanks for the meal, man… You have no idea how much I’ve been craving a good meal.” Alex said with a chuckle.

“Don’t worry. I saw your appetite when you devoured your plate in an instant.” Silas chuckled, but on the inside, he couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

‘That was some Birby level devourment.’ He thought to himself while imagining Alex turning into a particular pink blob that ate everything in its way.

“Alright bro. I’ll take my leave. I’m feeling quite tired and battered up.” Alex sighed and turned around to leave.

“You can sleep here if you want.” Silas offered.

“What? Just to have you wake me up before the sun even rises just to train?! No think you!” Alex rejected the offer before sprinting out of the house before Silas could even say anything.

Silas simply chuckled and looked at Nymira, who was sleeping on the table with her head down.

“You worked hard today…” Silas spoke quietly and sighed to himself.

Without waiting, he approached her and picked her up into a princess carry. Without waiting much longer, he turned around and went up the stairs before walking into her room and placing her in her bed.

After tucking her in, Silas walked down and cleaned up the table. His assimilation part of metamorphosis was already doing its job on its own. He didn’t have to sit down and cultivate like other people. He had learned to cultivate on instinct while being able to use his entire mind to do other things.

By the time everything had been assimilated, Silas had already cleaned up everything and washed the plates.

Unlike some of the beasts he had met in the past, he didn’t have telekinesis, so everything had to be done by hand. Of course, wind, fire, and healing magic could have been used, but from his perspective, it was much easier to do everything by hand.

Plus, cleanse wasn’t as good as one might think. It didn’t really clean someone the way one might want. It simply destroyed all harmful germs or viruses that the naked eye could not see.

He would need to use fire to destroy the things on the plate, water to wash it, and light magic to clean it of anything that might have remained.

He could use dark magic, but… Nevermind.

After what happened last time, he didn’t want to use dark magic near anyone he loved. He knew how dangerous it was, and therefore it needed moderation.

After finishing everything, he entered the training room and closed his eyes.

In the next instant, several runes appeared in the air before water washed over their entire place, followed by cleansing that destroyed germs and air that dried to the place.

Sitting in the middle of the training room, Silas closed his eyes and began to feel the mana around him.

He could feel the particles in the air, moving very slowly, but not in any particular direction. They were weightless, as if nothing the world could affect them from the direction they were moving in.

Then, Silas’ eyes slowly opened, and when they did, something flashed before him.

A rune that could have usually been found on a magic circle appeared before him, but in an instant, it changed into another rune, before changing into another…

And then another…

And then another…

The rune would flash in a different shape every quarter of a second before even that changed.

A rune formed every 10th of a second before Silas completely stopped it.

And then, it started again, but this time, there was an elemental rune behind them the whole time.

The elemental rune was orange-like flames, and as the runes flickered before it, something happened.

ραΠdαsΝοvεl ƈοm


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