217 Diamond Academy [4] - Shame

“I’m pretty sure she’s meditating. She’s controlling Toki while being half unconscious. This is a pretty good technique, and I would use one similar but I don’t think it is for me.” Nymira sighed while Alice’s eyes glistened.

“R-Really? Such a technique exists?” Alice asked with deep fascination.

“Of course, such a technique exists. Though, it might be well guarded family technique, which might be why she didn’t tell you about it.” Nymira shrugged and looked around.

The room they were in was quite small when compared to her house; however, if it were to be compared to her house back in Uladia, which was essentially one room, it was almost triple its size.

The room had everything from a bathroom to a kitchen. The beds were on the side, each separated by a few meters to give each other personal space. They weren’t given individual rooms, but at least they wouldn’t have to use a community bathroom or kitchen.

Nymira quickly moved toward one of the beds and began to settle down without saying a single word unless spoken to first. The problem with that was the fact that Alice was quite nosy. Blanka had already lost interest in her, which was obvious from when Nymira began to settle everything she had around her bed.

She was in no way, shape, or form reserved, holding all her emotions on her face. It was the kind of person Silas liked since they would tell you the truth no matter what.

‘I wonder if she’s his type…’ Nymira thought to herself while placing her sword on the side of her bed.

That’s when everyone’s gazes fell upon the crystal embedded into her sword.

Slowly, their eyes widened when they saw it.

“Oh. So you are from a rich family.” Alice said while looking at the crystal.

“No?” Nymira cocked her head to the side with confusion on her face.

After a while, Nymira asked the unspoken question between Alice and Blanka. 

‘Even Blanka’s looking at me weirdly.’

“I got the crystal myself.” Nymira spoke with an ounce of pride.

“You killed the beast… Yourself?” Alice asked with widened eyes.

“Of course, how else would I get it?” Nymira retorted before looking away and placing things from her pouch into the drawers.

They obviously didn’t believe her, and for the next several hours, Nymira, Alice, and at a certain point, even Blanka talked about their lives before reaching the academy.

Apparently, Blanka was from a wealthy family in the Delear kingdom. However, they blocked her out of her trust fund after a situation occurred until she proved herself. Blanka didn’t really want to go into depth on what she did, but it was clear to both Alice and Nymira that she had done was quite severe for her family to have such a reaction.

On the other hand, Alice was not nearly as special as Blanka. Her back story was quite simple. She lived in the slums of one of the cities and had shown a strong aptitude for magic. She awakened her core at the age of six and not only became a healer for the entirety of the slums, but she became a well-known healer for the entire section of the city she was living in due to not taking any money to heal people.

People, of course, still paid her, but not through normal means. Some gave her books about healing, others gave her food, and some simply gave her the cores they had on their person.

Eventually, when she reached 13, someone from the academy saw her healing hundreds of people without getting tired. Instantly, they knew they had found a talented individual and decided to give her a scholarship. Many people were disappointed to find out that she would go somewhere else. Still, after discovering that she had gained a scholarship for an academy, they all eventually chose to support her.

When Alice finally stopped narrating the events that allowed her to attend the academy, Alice and Blanka looked at Nymira with curious expressions.

Since they told their side of the story, it was Nymira’s turn.

‘They weren’t totally honest with me… So I don’t have to be totally honest with them either?’ Nymira thought before recounting her life and everything that had happened to her until now.

She explained to them how she lived in a small village in the east of the kingdom. She didn’t go into depth about how her parents died, but she did explain that she had to go to Uladia. Of course, the girls didn’t know what Uladia was, so she didn’t need to go into more depth than necessary.

However, she summarized that Uladia was eventually destroyed after a certain organization attacked it. The moment she spoke those words, the girl’s mood quickly took a drop. They had thought that it would be an upbeat recounting of her life. Actually, they expected an adventure story since Nymira mentioned she got the mana core in her sword all on her own.

However, the truth was much darker than that. Her story so far felt like a tragedy, making them feel slightly weirded out by how easily Nymira was telling it.

As if she didn’t notice their emotions and expressions, Nymira continued by explaining how she was kidnapped and kept hostage for a couple of months before eventually being saved by someone. She continued further and told them how that person taught her how to be a warrior just as much as the people back in Uladia. After gaining recognition from some of the academies, she was called in to take a test to see if she could enter with a scholarship. #

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

“Are you sure you’re not the main character of this world?” Blanka, who was still shocked by the story and its quick recounting, couldn’t help but blurt out.

Blanka quickly received a punch to the back of the head from Alice, who was now glaring at her.

Of course, since Blanka used Toki, she always had her natural toki around her, making it hard for a mage to hurt her.

“You said you came here with two others. Alex and… What was his name?” Alice turned to Nymira and asked.

“Yeah… Now that I think about it, I should probably go and check on Alex…” Nymira thought aloud before standing up.

“I’ll return in an hour or so.” Nymira waved them goodbye and left the room quickly.

When the door slammed shut, both Blanka and Alice looked at each other before spouting out the words on their mind.


“Probably.” Alice nodded 


*Knock Knock Knock*

The sound of knocks sounded as Nymira stood before a door. This door was in a completely different building from her own dorm, and the reason for that was simple. 

It was the male dormitory.

Nymira had to knock a few more times before the door finally opened. When it did, she saw a small red-haired boy peek out from the crack he made in the door before sighing and opening it fully.

“Come in” Alex moved to the side to welcome Nymira in.

When the door fully opened, Nymira’s eyes looked at the empty room with surprise.

Yet, the surprise quickly turned into anger.

“Where the hell are your roommates?!” Nymira asked with a seething tone.

“I don’t have roommates.” Alex said while taking several steps back when he felt the anger in Nymira’s voice.

“Why the hell do I have to have roommates, yet you don’t!” Nymira shouted at him, her finger poking his chest, forcing him to take steps back in slight fear.

“Didn’t you get an offer to become a disciple of that burly woman?!” Alex asked with a tinge of fear. He was trying his best to dodge Nymira’s fingers. From personal experience, he knew that if he didn’t have his tough clothes on, he would have most likely had several holes drilled into his body from her fingers.

She didn’t even know her own strength, and that terrified Alex.

“Damn it! I shouldn’t have beaten her!” Nymira sneered while Alex widened his eyes.

“You beat her? I’m pretty sure I heard Silas say that she was stronger than Death.” 

“When the hell did he say that?” Nymira snarled.#

“Just before I went up… To be fair, he said it under his breath, but he still said it. I don’t think he realizes that he mutters whenever he is in deep thought.” Alex said while slowly calming down.

“Yeah… He does…” Nymira quickly calmed down and sat on the bed. The thought of Silas brought back the feeling she felt pulling down on her chest the moment she saw that Silas had saved her.

Alex, having quickly realized this, asked with a worried tone, “What’s wrong?”

“Its nothing.” Nymira said with a tranquil tone. At the same time, she gritted her teeth with slight anger before letting out a deep sigh.

‘I hate this feeling.’


Silas could be seen sitting on the floor of his room with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.


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