Chapter 1304 - 1304 His World Government Is Shameless, It Has Nothing to Do with Me

1304 His World Government Is Shameless, It Has Nothing to Do with Me

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Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) could only do this, and Kuro wandered outside for a while and returned to the Country of Peace.

Kaz and Wilbur came almost right behind him.

They set off after receiving the summons and sailed along the original route, catching many pirates who had escaped the net. Then they received the news that Kuro had returned and returned to Kuro.


The captured pirates were not sent to Impel Down but directly escorted to the Pallas’s cat, adding some manpower to the mine and the weapons factory.

On the other side, it seems that they are also prisoners, but now they have almost reached the level of a Pallas’s cat.

Now that Pallas’s cat is her career, she can do whatever she wants here. No one will care what kind of ruling experiment she wants to do on Pallas’s cat prisoners.

Not only did no one care, but sometimes, Kuro would run over and say something to her, such as how to manage the prisoners.

Pirates are people who drink and eat without restraint. If you want to manage them like you think they are, you have to be ruthless.

He had to let these people understand that robbing is not the only way to succeed in this world.

‘Labor reform, right?’

Of course, the things that he worked hard to make will have a salary. The money will not be in their hands and will be managed by the Marines who are in charge of the mouls. If the prisoners have any demands, they can tell the Marines and the Marines will buy it for them. This is also for some other problems in the mouls.

For example, gambling in prison.

Apart from not having freedom, eating and drinking are similar to ordinary people.

Every day, he will learn how to be a normal person and remove the habits of pirates.

Yamato was also very interested in this point. In her words, she was going to be Oden and become a general of the Kingdom of Peace. Of course, she had to learn how to manage it. It could not be done with just force.

Kuro did not comment. She missed him. She just needed to finish the job.

Kuro can’t do anything to this kind of powerful person who doesn’t want to surrender. It’s a pity to kill him. He really didn’t make any mistakes. If you don’t kill him, he will go against you again.

In the end, he just left it there. It was much better now. Although he didn’t surrender, it was essentially working for him. There was no difference. He just left it there. Kuro was very tolerant in this area. As long as he could do something, he didn’t care what you thought.

Therefore, it became like this. The pirates who were caught, the disobedient samurai, and the people who violated the law were all stuffed into the Pallas’s cat. When they arrived at the place, they let Yamato and the Marines stationed there distinguish themselves, and they decided on the seriousness of the plot. If the plot was serious, they would kill them and get it over with. If it was not serious, they would be locked up and imprisoned for a few years.

“Mr. Kuro!”

In the main hall, Kaz and Wilbur saluted Kuro excitedly.

Kuro raised his eyebrows. He never understood why these two people were so excited to see him.

He was not even that excited to see his father. He had the excitement of seeing his ancestor suddenly come back to life, like a giant panda being watched.

Kuro nodded and said to them, “It’s been a long journey. We have to watch the battle here for the time being. You can rest here first.”


Kaz frowned. “Did something happen at the front? We seem to have stopped attacking for a while.”

Kuro was a little angry when he heard this. “Something happened in the Joining States and the Revolutionary Army is causing trouble there. That bastard Dorag is very smart.”

Causing trouble at this juncture is really the most suitable.

But at the same time, it also makes it difficult for the World Government to take care of its core interests.

The core interests of the World Government are really not the Country of Peace. That is just the interests that are difficult to let go of. The real core interests are the foundation of their rule, which is the World Government joining countries. If this is grasped, it will indeed make the World Government feel conflicted.

They were the ones who wanted to start the war and end it.

Kuro pinched his eyebrows with a headache. “It’s not easy to leave just like that…”

Kaz and Wilbur looked at each other and saw the light in their eyes, but they didn’t say anything and just stood there.

“Okay, go out.” Kuro waved his hand. “You can take a vacation in the Country of Peace, but you have to pay attention to Marine training. We will not quit.”

“Yes, Mr. Kuro!”

The two of them retreated.

Not long after, the sliding door was pulled open and a tall and thin figure wearing the traditional clothes of the Country of Peace walked in.

“Alalala, you seem to be very worried.” Kuzan greeted him.

“You are enjoying yourself. Now that you are not a Marine, you can do whatever you want.” Kuro rolled his eyes.

“Alalala, are you very envious? Do you want to be like me?” Kuzan smiled.

“Come on, I’m not as willful as you. A lot of people are looking at me now. I can’t resign just like that.” Kuro said angrily.

He and Sakasugi can’t pee in the same pot. They left just like that. After they left, his faction almost collapsed. Although his position hasn’t changed much, he doesn’t have as much power as before.

If he leaves, who will take over his faction?

Did they just disperse?

Or can Brother Strawberry carry this flag?

Besides, he was staying well. Why should he leave?

If he retreated, he could not even stay in the Country of Peace.

Kuzan shrugged. “It’s just a joke to liven up the atmosphere. After all, the war is tense now.”

Kuro took out a cigar and lit it. “From your old Marine’s point of view, what will happen in the end?”


Kuzan scratched his head. “That depends on Sakasugi. From what I know of him, he is not like Sengoku-san. Maybe he will not retreat. Now Marine is in a deadlock on the front line, maybe he is arguing with Gorōsei.”

This is indeed different for the two of them. If it was Sengoku, after receiving the order, he might be thinking about how to minimize the impact of the matter and discuss with Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars).

But there are only two kinds of Sakasugi.

Either he would really remove it, or he would fight to the end.

Marine has stopped moving now because Sakasugi hasn’t made up his mind yet and is probably arguing with the higher-ups.

With that, Kuzan looked at Kuro and asked, “If you were a Marshal, what would you do?”

“I am the Marshal…”

Kuro deliberated for a moment and then shook his head. “I don’t f*cking want to be a Marshal. This matter has nothing to do with me. If I can fight, I’ll fight. If I can’t fight, I’ll fight myself. I didn’t start the whole-line war. Even if the World Government doesn’t want face, do I have to earn it back for him? Whether he wants to or not, I don’t care who the Pirate King is. I’ll find Straw Hat and Titch and kill them. There are sh*t stirrers of this level every year. How can I manage them?”

This was the truth. Because of the All-String War, his current goal is Straw Hat and Titch. After killing them, he doesn’t need to care about what happens next.

The heavyweights of the older generation and the new generation were more or less slaughtered by him.