Chapter 1310 - 1310 The Marshal’s Position

1310 The Marshal’s Position

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Of course, Smoker would not miss the full-scale war between Marines and Pirates. The Marines of G-5 have also played a lot of roles on the battlefield. These Marines, who have been fighting pirates in the New World all year round and have habits like pirates, are naturally adapted to such a battlefield. They are the elites of Marines and have fought well on the battlefield.

Smoker himself fought well on the battlefield. It has been a long time since we last met, and there is a hint of tough and iron-blooded temperament.

This kind of training can only be done in a big scene. Pirates like those small-scale pirates in the past could not train that kind of temperament.

“It’s good that you’re here. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s find a place to get together?” Kuro said.

“Okay, although your family has a lot of people… but today is the day.” Smoker said generously.

This made Kuro a little uncomfortable. “Why, are you rich?”

“We seized a lot of loot,” Smoker said lightly.

After fighting for a year, he did make a little money. Although he was not interested in money and most of it was distributed to the people who suffered because of the war, he still had some left over. It was more than enough to treat them to a meal, even with the big-bellied little girl there.

“How generous… I’m not used to it.”

Kuro’s face fell. “I suddenly don’t feel like eating.”

“What is wrong with you!” Smoker said angrily.

“No, it’s just that when you suddenly have money, I can’t feel the pit… No, it’s just, um… Yes, I’m not used to it.” Kuro hurriedly corrected himself.

He couldn’t say that he liked to escape orders because he liked to see Smoker’s aggrieved and furious face.

After all, this guy was the source of all evil back then. Otherwise, he would probably still be enjoying life in East Blue.

Now that this guy is so generous, it makes Kuro uncomfortable. He lacks the fun of cheating people.

“Suit yourself. I’ll wait for you in the restaurant,” Smoker said angrily and left with Tashigi.

“Kuro, aren’t we going to eat?” Leda asked, puzzled.

“Of course. Only a fool wouldn’t eat when there’s food.”

Kuro bit his cigar and blew out smoke. “It’s just a little less pleasant to drink.”

Coop Joy Freak Law.

The group eventually went to the restaurant. The restaurant where Smoker was located happened to be booked by Crowe, and Tina also participated in the middle. The few of them sat around a table on the second floor. After eating and drinking, they looked down.

With a cigarette in her mouth, Tina leaned on the railing beside the table with one hand and looked down at the pink-haired Marine who was eating heartily and her two subordinates who were eating with them. She sighed and said, “I heard that Crane is going to leave. Tina is very surprised.”

“Where did you find out?”

Kuro, who was still drinking wine, put down his glass and said in surprise.

“I heard it. Tsuru said it himself. Didn’t you notice, Kuro? The older generation has retired. I didn’t see Garp and Sengoku at the World Conference this year.”

Tina looked down and said, “I only saw Kirby. He’s a Vice Admiral now.”

Kirby, current Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral …

If the War of the Best is the dividing line, it has been six years so far…

Kirby grew from a sixteen-year-old teenager to a twenty-two-year-old teenager.

When he was a colonel, he was promoted to Rear Admiral after a few years, and in this all-out war, he also shone, so he was promoted to Vice-Admiral. Although he doesn’t have a code name yet, he will probably inherit Garp’s “Iron Fist” soon.

“Time flies. I am forty years old.” Smoker put his feet on the table and sighed.

“Tina doesn’t want to talk about age,” Tina said bitterly.

She was already 38 years old and really did not want to mention it.

“Speaking of which…”

Leda, who was still there, heard this and looked up. Her hand holding the bun also paused and she said, “Kuro, you are 30 years old, right?”

Kuro rolled his eyes. “Please say twenty-nine years and twelve months. What thirty? Where is thirty? I don’t know how to count to three!”

Thirty is a middle-aged man, be it in his previous life or this life. He has never experienced the age of a middle-aged man, and he does not want to experience it.

Although this 30-year-old sea is still very young, traditional ideas are playing tricks on him. He just doesn’t want to be 30 years old. 30 years old means that he can’t be willful.

Age has not yet left any traces on Kuro, but he feels that his mentality is almost old.

Speaking of which …

Kuro glanced at Lida. This woman is already 24 years old and still looks like a seven or eight-year-old ghost. Although she has matured a lot after returning to normal, her appearance doesn’t seem to have changed.

According to her own words, because of the ability of the fruit, her appearance will probably not change. Only when her lifespan reaches the moment of death will she become old.

Essence Energy Fruit can really stay in youth forever, which is much better than eternal life.

“In a flash, we are all old. In a few years, will it be the world of young people?” Smoker said.

“Come on, the old one is you, not me.”

Kuro said, “Don’t force your comprehension on others. Look at your white hair. If your body doesn’t age, your mentality will.”

The veins on Smoker’s forehead popped out and he shouted: “I was born with it, born with it!”

Besides, do you have the right to say that he has white hair? Isn’t the person beside you your favorite white hair?!

“Speaking of which, Kuro, are you ready?” Tina looked at Kuro with a strange look in her eyes.

“Ah? What preparation?” Kuro was a little confused. “War? I have been fighting in the rear.”

Tina shook her head. “It’s not that, it’s the position of Marshal.”


Kuro’s eyes widened. “Marshal? What does a Marshal have to do with me?!”

Marshal Sakasugi is doing well. What does the position of Marshal have to do with him?

“Wait, you’re not saying that the Sakasugi are also old, so they are going to abdicate. Don’t joke.”

Kuro waved his hand and said, “The Sengoku only stepped down in the 70s, and it was because of the responsibility of the war and Impel Down. Otherwise, he could have done it for a few more years. Sakasugi… how old is he?”

“Fifty-nine,” Tina said.

“That’s right, 59, 60 hasn’t arrived yet. Why did he retire? He didn’t make any mistakes. Besides, he has only been a Marshal for a few years and he has retired. The transition is too frequent and it is not good for Marine,” Kuro said.

“Do you really not know or are you pretending not to know?”

Tina frowned and said, “Marshal Sakasugi resisted the orders of the World Government and forcibly maintained the battle line, but a year has passed and we still haven’t won a full victory.”

“You have also seen the commotion caused by the Revolutionary Army at the rear. Now the sea is very chaotic, and the allies have opinions, and the higher-ups also have opinions about us. If this world conference is not done well, Sakasugi will step down. Once he comes down, won’t you be the only one who can go up?”