Chapter 1613 - Chapter 1613: Heartache (3)

Chapter 1613: Heartache (3)

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“Those people killed mother and brother Crown Prince. The people from the divinity killed them. They all deserve to die. I’m going to kill them to avenge mother. All, ah, ah!”


Xiao Long ’er’s heart felt as if it was being torn apart. The earth-shattering Dragon’s Roar was filled with sorrow, revealing the pain and hurt in her heart.

She held her head tightly as tears of pain flowed down from her demonic eyes. Her bloodied body curled up into a ball as she spoke in a sad voice.

The great elder’s heart was boiling with anger. He didn’t know what the people of the immortal realm had said to Xiao Long ‘er to make him so crazy.


no matter what they had done, when the king and queen returned, the first thing they would attack would be the celestial palace!

therefore, there was no harm in letting them live for a few more days, he could not let xiao long ‘er go to the divine palace to find those people, otherwise, xiao long’ er’s life would be in danger if she continued.

Perhaps afraid that the little Dragon would run away, the great elder hugged the little girl’s tiny body tightly and patted her head gently, trying to comfort her.

“i’m in so much pain, mother is no longer around, and brother crown prince is also no longer around, why do they have to leave me alone? I’m in so much pain. Yingluo, they deserve to die, everyone deserves to die!”

at first, when he heard the first half of her words, the great elder thought that little long ‘er had gradually regained her senses, however, after seeing the madness in her eyes that seemed to be able to swallow the world, he knew that she had not regained her senses.

“Princess long, the Queen is not dead, and the Crown Prince is not dead either. Qianqian, will they be heartbroken to see you like this?”

“Get lost, you liar, you liar!”

Xiao Long ‘er pushed the great elder away angrily, her tear-filled face filled with rage, “they’re no longer here, i can feel it. they don’t exist in this place anymore, in the past, no matter how far away mother was, i could still feel her. I’m going to take revenge, I’m going to take revenge for my mother. Let me go!”

The great elder did not let little long ‘er push him away. The corners of his mouth were bitter, and he did not know how to make little long’ er believe his words.

Unless the Queen returned?

But was that possible? The Queen had not been gone for long and would not return to the divine realm so soon. If Xiao Long ‘er’s emotions could not be soothed before then, there would be no turning back for the Queen when she returned.

Suddenly, in the sky, a light spot gradually appeared. It was also like the sun, dispersing the dark clouds in the sky.

the great elder seemed to have sensed something as he slowly raised his head.

in that instant, the light in the sky grew larger and closer, and soon, it suddenly appeared in front of them.

The great elder’s eyes widened as he looked at the light in the sky.

Two figures slowly descended from the sky.

One big and one small, but they were extremely harmonious.

The woman’s long black hair was like a waterfall, and she was extremely beautiful, but she didn’t lose her cold and domineering aura.

She was holding a beautiful little boy’s hand. The little boy was as exquisite as a porcelain doll, and he was more perfect and lovely than the fairy boy in the sky.

The great elder’s body trembled, and his aged face was filled with surprise.

Perhaps it was because he was too overjoyed, but he actually couldn’t even say a word.

Xiao Long ‘er’s sorrowful cries stopped abruptly.

Her back was stiff and her demonic eyes were filled with tears. It was not known if she had also felt something, but she slowly turned her head and looked in the direction of the great elder’s gaze..