Chapter 1413 - Chapter 1413: It’s fine as long as I’m happy

Chapter 1413: It’s fine as long as I’m happy

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Xin Rong nodded and threw the bag to Simon. "Xiao-Yan-Zi, keep up!"

"What Xiao-Yan-Zi?" Simon was stunned and ran over to protest. If you don’t like to call me by my Chinese name, you can call me Simon."

"That’s so strange." Xin Rong’s eyes darted around and she threw him a flirtatious look. She leaned closer and said in a seductive voice, " what’s our relationship? The others are called Simon, and I’m also called Simon. It doesn’t show anything special about me. Why don’t you let me call you second fire?"


Xin Rong sat up a little and looked at him with a meaningful smile.

Simon was enraged by her smile and pounced on her like a Wolf.

She had just pulled the clothes off when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Simon was stunned and turned his head to look.

The doorknob was twisted a few times, and Lacy’s voice was heard."Xin Rong?" he asked.


Xin Rong covered his mouth and laughed.

She had heard her footsteps earlier, which was why she had smiled so meaningfully.

Lei Xi turned around and left. Xin Rong guessed that she would call, so he muted his phone and asked Simon, " "Fight?" "What do you think?" Simon gritted his teeth.

Lei Xi couldn’t get through to Xin Rong’s phone, so she had no choice but to return to her office.

She had given a few scripts to Chen Mei and Mi Fei, all of which were idol dramas. Xin Rong didn’t like them, but idol dramas could earn popularity, so she had wanted to give them to them.

It was just that the two of them were too new, so the production team might not want them. Now that they had become famous on the internet, it was a good opportunity.

The two of them were reading scripts in the office. When she walked out of the door and was about to push it open, she heard Chen Mei say, " "You see? Although he hadn’t become Xin Rong’s assistant, it was still a blessing in disguise. Weren’t the benefits here now? Otherwise, if you were to be her assistant, how would we have time to promote and hype together? She might even stop you from acting in the movie."

"Your sixth sense is accurate, right?" mifei laughed.

Chen Mei also smiled,"anyway, we’ll always be together!" We’re the nation’s best sisters, so we should act like we’re best sisters!"

In the photos on the internet, Mi Fei was holding Chen Mei’s shoulder and Chen Mei was leaning on her shoulder with tears. Both of them were beautiful, and the scene was naturally pleasing to the eye.

In the beginning, the people who posted the photos thought they were lilies, and everyone thought it was the aura of a Lily.

However, after Tracy arranged for public relations and the Internet Water Army to create hype, she would gradually develop in the direction of "the nation’s best sister.

Because Chen Mei and Mi Fei weren’t in a relationship, if they hyped up "lilies," it would be difficult for them to end up with different boyfriends in the future.

Upon hearing their conversation, Tracy sighed softly in her heart and turned to the pantry.

After more than ten minutes, Chen Mei came to find her. She immediately went to talk to the two.

After half an hour, the two of them left. She called Xin Rong again.

This time, Xin Rong accepted it.

"Where are you, my ancestor?" she asked. "ln the lounge," Xin Rong replied lazily.


I’ll go!

Don’t think that I can’t tell what’s going on with this voice!

what?! Tracy was furious. you guys have been in the lounge this whole time?


Xin Rong coughed,"cough cough."

"You better take care of yourself!" come to my office!

she threatened.

She didn’t want to watch their battle!

Xin Rong put down his phone and looked at Simon with an aggrieved expression.

Simon leaned over and kissed her on the face. "What’s wrong? Did she scold you? I’ll help you fire her. "

"Get lost!" Xin Rong kicked him. Lei Xi isn’t bad. Don’t give her trouble.

yes, yes, yes, Yingluo, " Simon said hurriedly, kissing her face back and forth.

that’s enough. Xin Rong turned his head. Yingluo, help me put on my clothes. I’m going to sister Qian’s office.


"And you still say you’re not Xiao Yanzi?" Xin Rong chuckled.

Simon paused and said with a straight face,"that’s what eunuchs call themselves!" Am I a eunuch?"

"l’ve just checked, No." Xin Rong’s face was serious. then I’ll call you second fire.

Simon: " Yingluo. it’s all mom’s fault for naming him "

Shan Yan "!

Xin Rong walked lazily into Lei Xi’s office.

Tracy gritted her teeth. She could not bear to watch.

What kind of artist was this? He wasn’t even famous yet, but he was already suffering from all the Big Shot’s problems!

"Wait for me outside." Xin Rong said to Simon.

Simon laughed in joy and waited outside obediently.

After the door closed, Lei Xi looked at Xin Rong in a new light. you’re good your sugar daddy can be manipulated by you like this.

"Who said he’s a sugar daddy?" Xin Rong leaned back on the sofa. he’s my assistant. "Assistant?"


"Who would believe you!" Lei Xi pulled a long face.

Xin Rong smiled and sat up straight."That lounge will be my personal lounge from now on, okay?"

Stunned, she finally said, " "What tier are you at now?

You don’t even have an assistant position, and you want an exclusive lounge? You want to earn it yourself!"

Xin Rong furrowed his brows, a little unhappy."But I don’t want anyone to touch the things I’ve used, Yingluo."

you … Lacy was furious. you still have the nerve to say that? Don’t you have some principles? This is the company, why did you bring him here?"

"Why do I need to have principles?"

you’re so cocky, " she said after a pause. you can reject his request when the time is right.

"Why should I refuse?" Xin Rong chuckled. I wanted to do it. "

"l don’t care about you anymore!" Tracy shouted. He didn’t want to care anymore! I want to change my artiste!"

Alright, alright, Yingluo. Xin Rong hurriedly stood up and pressed her down on the sofa. which Big Shot doesn’t have some quirks? I’ll definitely be a movie queen in the future. When I’m famous, it’ll be a great story when people talk about me being so arrogant!"

"Then you have to be famous first!"

"Give me the script." Xin Rong clapped his hands.

Tracy threw a book at her. "This one! It’s up to you to act!"

Xin Rong flipped through it. It was a super bad female supporting character, but the female lead was very Mary Sue and white Lotus. The bad female supporting character that was given to her would harm the female protagonist in all kinds of ways every day.

Xin Rong flipped to the last page to see how the bad Supporting Actress died. If she was the scriptwriter, she would definitely not let the bad Supporting

Actress die. Instead, she would let the bad Supporting Actress kill the White Lotus female protagonist. However, in all the movies and television shows in the world, bad people would not have good endings.

As long as she died in an imposing manner, she would accept it.

At first glance, this female supporting character didn’t die in a domineering manner, but she didn’t come to her senses until death, nor did she regret it. When she died, she still hated the female lead and despised her. "l’ll take this!" Xin Rong slammed the table.

"This is a bad guy!"

"So what if I’m a bad person?"

"You’ve been in this circle for almost two years. Don’t you understand?" If you play the bad guy, the fans will think you’re a bad guy too. How will you be popular then?"

"Who would want that kind of illusory thing? "lt’s fine as long as I’m happy acting -" Xin Rong said disdainfully.

She was here to play. If she was restrained here and compromised there, what was the point?

Tracy was helpless. At least this supporting role was the third female lead position. So be it if she took it.

Finally, she suddenly remembered,"Oh right, the movie you acted in last time," dream of marriage,"l asked the director to give you a guest title."

Xin Rong was already quite famous and had acted as the second female lead before. It would be too unfair if he just played a supporting role. He added a ‘guest performance’ to prevent his status from being affected.

"Alright do as you see fit!" Xin Rong didn’t care about this.

What was the manager doing with it? It was to do this! She naturally believed in him.

As for himself, he just had to act well.

The next day, Xin Rong went to audition for this bad Supporting Actress.

This was a Xianxia drama called "the legend of a hundred spirits. it was originally a web novel called" a hundred spirits.

bailing " meant that everything in the world had a spirit, and the female protagonist’s name happened to be " bailing ". She could understand the language of all things.

However, the original novel was full of loopholes, and the spiritual energy and settings in the middle were wasted. As a result, Al mo media bought the copyright to modify the game. Tian Cheng personally modified the huge framework and created the game, legend of the hundred spirits, that was popular all over the country.

The current TV series was an adaptation of a game.

Because of Elfy’s definition, whether it was a game or a TV show, it was full of all kinds of sophisticated things and had extremely high requirements for special effects.

However, with the advanced technology in China, special effects were not a problem.

Xin Rong was auditioning for the "dead water red Pond" Princess, a new character in the game.

A great evil demon had stolen the most important treasure of the upper realm, escaped to the dead water Kingdom, and established himself as King. Ever since he was there, the dead water gradually became full of vitality and demons grew. The red algae at the bottom of the water was also personally transformed by him into a human form. He named her " Princess " and named her " red pool.

The great demon was the biggest villain BOSS in the movie, and red pool was his most powerful minion!

Hongtan was devilish and vicious. He believed that his father was the ruler of heaven and earth, and that he would inherit everything from him and become the second ruler. Hence, she despised everything and did not put anyone in her eyes..