Chapter 769 - Chapter 769: Enter

Chapter 769: Enter

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The lizard king wiped his sweat as he lamented the fact that the human cultivator wasn’t easy to fool. He almost failed to mediate.


“I have to find a chance to escape.”

As long as he was still alive, there would be hope. At most, he would just leave this place. He didn’t believe that Qin Chen could find him again in the huge demon race’s forbidden ground.

When the lizard king appeared in front of everyone, the latter all revealed their killing intent.

The true dragon thought to himself, “Could it be that the Elder King died at the hands of the lizard king? In that case, I must avenge the Elder King even if I die.”

Not only the true dragon, but the others also thought the same.

After all, the Elder King had treated them well. Throughout so many years, if it wasn’t for the Elder King’s help, how could they have broken through to their current realm?

Seeing the lizard king walking towards them, everyone was already prepared to fight to the death.

If the Elder King had died, they would take revenge for him!

Although the terrifying lizard king emitted an extremely terrifying aura that made them feel apprehensive, no one had any intention of retreating.

Instead, they charged straight over.

At this moment, a familiar figure appeared in the distance. It was the Elder King!

“This… It’s the Elder King!’

Instantly, everyone was stunned on the spot. They could not imagine how the lizard king could reach an agreement with the Elder King.

“You’re still alive! Elder King! This is great! I knew you wouldn’t die so easily!’ The big scorpion was so excited that he almost couldn’t speak clearly.

Qin Chen only smiled, “Why? You wish for me to die?”

The big scorpion quickly shook his head.

After they heard about the matter with Heavenly Dragon Mountain, the true dragon could not control its emotions.

The ancient era’s dragon race was an extremely powerful force. It had perhaps even produced dragons who were comparable to quasi-emperors.

Once the true dragon could obtain some benefits and opportunities from the dragon race’s ruins, it might be able to break through. At that time, it would be able to become even stronger.

For the true dragon, it was a chance to be reborn. How could it not remember such a great favor?

The future was long. As long as the Elder King gave the order, regardless of whether it was a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, the true dragon wouldn’t even blink even if it had to head to the 18th level of hell.

After everyone was prepared, the lizard king readily brought them to Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

It had to be said that the lizard king was indeed quite powerful in the demon race’s forbidden ground. Many demons avoided him when they saw him, trying to avoid conflict with him.

As for the human cultivators, they also did not dare to approach after sensing such a terrifying aura, for fear that they would be targeted and killed.

At this moment, Qin Chen and the others were getting closer and closer to Heavenly Dragon Mountain which the lizard king had mentioned.

They stopped at the peak of a mountain. Looking around) Qin Chen used his heart to sense the fluctuations in the surroundings.

Logically speaking, since Heavenly Dragon Mountain existed in space, some subtle spatial changes were unavoidable.

However, he couldn’t notice anything unusual at all.

The lizard king walked and stopped for some time before stopping not far away and activating all his demonic power.

Soon, the sky was filled with dark clouds and a crack actually appeared above their heads, leaking out an extraordinary aura.

Could it be that Heavenly Dragon Mountain was there?

Everyone was extremely surprised. They had never thought that there would be such a place in the demon race’s forbidden ground..