Chapter 487 - Chapter 487: Drugging

Chapter 487: Drugging

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A man beside looked at Li Zhe at the bar counter and then at Xiang Cheng. His eyes flashed slightly and he said loudly into Xiang Cheng’s ear, “Young Master Xiang, don’t be unhappy. It was just a woman. I’ll have something more fun for you today. I guarantee that you’ll have more fun and won’t have any bad feelings afterwards.”

Xiang Cheng looked around, then smiled and said, “Playing with men? Hmph, I’m not interested. Little Liu, are you stupid? I’m straight. No matter how ridiculous the rumours outside are, I’m still a straight man.”

The man clicked his tongue and whispered into Xiang Cheng’s ear, “There are some things that you will know after you have tasted them. Just think about it. Isn’t it exciting for a man to pant under you without any dignity?”

Xiang Cheng did not comment and just drank his wine.

Little Liu, who had made the suggestion, looked at Li Zhe, who was sitting at the bar counter. He was the one who deserved to be called the best tonight. The wretched tip of his tongue stuck out slightly and swept across his teeth before he stood up.

The bartender brought a glass of wine to Li Zhe and said politely, “Sir, someone is treating you to this glass of wine.”

Li Zhe raised his head and smiled at the bartender with his slightly tipsy eves.

However, the next moment, the glass of wine was swept to the ground by Li Zhe, making a loud sound.

Everyone was shocked. Even Little Liu, who was at the side, did not expect to meet a hot-tempered person.

The Attendant came out and cleaned up the glass shards and wine on the floor.

Xiao Liu gestured to the bartender that he was fine, then walked to the bar counter. He personally poured a glass of wine and handed it to Li Zhe, but this time he didn’t say anything.

He had seen it clearly from the side just now. As long as this person was handed a glass of wine, he would almost drink it directly. The reason why the glass of wine was swept to the ground just now was because of the bartender’s words.

As expected, when Li Zhe saw the wine in front of him, he didn’t even raise his head. His well-defined hands directly picked up the wine and gulped it down.

At this moment, Meng Yu was anxiously gathering people to look for Li Zhe. In the end, he directly ordered the company’s technical staff to check all kinds of surveillance cameras with their place as the centre.

When he heard that Li Zhe had gone to a gay bar called Maze, Meng Yu was shocked. After telling the technician not to tell anyone, Meng Yu quickly drove over with his men.

Along the way, Meng Yu’s mood was extremely complicated. He did not know how to bring Li Zhe back later. If Li Zhe was making out with another little boy, what would he do?

Thinking of the person who had just confessed about his love, but at the next moment, went to the bar to have fun, Meng Yu felt strange and a little uncomfortable.

By the time Meng Yu arrived at the bar, he could not find Li Zhe.

Meng Yu took out Li Zhe’s photo and asked the bartender, “Have you seen this person on my phone?”

When the bartender saw Li Zhe’s photo, his expression was a little unnatural. He then replied, “I didn’t see him.”

Meng Yu narrowed his eyes. He had caught the bartender’s unnatural pause just now.

“Where is he?” Meng Yu asked sternly.

The bartender smiled and said, “This customer, I really have never seen this person before. You…”

Before the bartender could finish his sentence, he saw a flash in front of his eyes. A cold blade was stuck to the back of his neck, and he instantly panicked.

When the people beside him saw the knife in Meng Yu’s hand positioned on the bartender’s neck, they instantly scattered like birds and looked at Meng Yu vigilantly.

“Where is he?” Meng Yu slightly exerted force and asked in a ghastly voice.

At this moment, Meng Yu’s eyes were filled with panic. He was sure that something must have happened to Li Zhe. Otherwise, the bartender would have no reason to lie.

The bartender could already feel the sticky liquid flowing out of his neck. He immediately said in a daze,” He was… drugged by our boss and brought…brought away.”

Hearing that Li Zhe had been drugged, Meng Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted. Those pitch-black round pupils seemed to be brewing a menacing tornado, as if it would sweep the entire world in the next moment, leaving nothing behind.

“Where was he taken to?” Meng Yu’s voice trembled, a sense of panic, as if something precious was slipping away, infused his anger, making it difficult for him to maintain his composure..