Chapter 151 - Chapter 151: The Royal Family’s Plans

Chapter 151: The Royal Family’s Plans

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Two hours later, Chen Shou successfully passed the test and walked out of the small courtyard.

“Fifth Brother, how is it?” Chen Yang came to Chen Shou’s side and asked with a smile.

Chen Shou bowed.” Patriarch, I’m glad 1 didn’t fail you.””

“Then what’s the reward?”

“The refinement method of a grade seven ling armor and the comprehension of this ling armor.

The inheritance requires me to successfully refine it within 30 years before you can give me all the inheritances.”Chen Shou said.

“What are all the legacies?”Yang Chen asked.

“Alchemists have pill formulas, but I think mine should be some spirit weapon refining methods, which are very different from alchemists.”Chen Shou guessed.

Yang Chen understood. After a long period of observation, Yang Chen already had some guesses about this inheritance.

Among the legacies, the martial arts legacies were probably some martial arts techniques and the comprehension of these martial arts techniques.

As for alchemists, blacksmiths, and array masters, they were rewarded with some pill recipes, spirit tool refinement methods, and array diagrams.

At the same time, there were also insights regarding pill formulas to assist alchemists in mastering the inheritance.

As for the beastmasters, they would be rewarded with some training methods for their subdued beasts. To be honest, these were of little value to Yang Chen.

After all, Yang Chen had never focused on nurturing subdued beasts like other beastmasters.

However, to the other members of the clan, it was no less than a reward for comprehending pill formulas.

After all, with specialized nurturing methods, subdued beasts could break through earlier, increasing the beastmaster’s combat strength.

Back to the main topic.

After passing the Armament Master assessment, the two of them quickly rushed back to the Chen family.

Chen Clan, in the meeting hall.

“Great Elder, I have some ideas that I need to discuss with my master.”

“I’ll have to trouble First Elder for the time being regarding the family and the disaster victims.”

“It’s not hard. Patriarch, you just have to deal with your matters.”Chen Xuan said with a smile.

After entrusting Chen Xuan with Chen Cheng’s matters, Chen Yang rushed to Yi City without stopping.

A day later, Yi City, De Shun County Prince’s Mansion.

“Disciple, why have you come to find me?”The Deshun Commandery Prince looked at Chen Yang with a smile.

Yang Chen sorted out his words and said seriously,””Master, I’ve received news that there are still seven or eight demon emperors heading toward our Jiang Prefecture.”

The Prince of Deshun frowned.” Is the news true?””

“I’m not too sure, but given the current situation, it’s better to believe it than not.”Yang Chen said.

“This is not easy…”

The Deshun Commandery Prince paced back and forth a few steps before taking a deep breath.” If that’s the case, the entire Jiang Prefecture will probably be flooded.”

“Disciple, do you know why those demon emperors came to my Jiang Prefecture?”

“If my guess is correct, it should be to fight for treasures.”

“Fighting for treasures?” The Prince of De Shun looked in the direction of the Great River.” How do you know?”

” Think about it, Master,” Yang Chen analyzed.” For so many Demon Sovereigns to rush to Jiang Prefecture and engage in this life-and-death battle, is there any other reason other than the attraction of treasures?””

After listening to Chen Yang’s analysis, the more Deshun Prince pondered, the more he felt that Chen Yang’s words made sense.

“Sigh, this is not easy…” the Deshun Commandery Prince sighed.

“As for now, we just need to find the treasure and throw this thing out of Jiang Prefecture. However, it was easier said than done to find a treasure in this vast river.”

“Not to mention, there are still those demonic beasts who are eyeing us covetously and fighting to the death for the treasures to stop us.”

“Are we just going to close our eyes and wait for death?”This was the first time Yang Chen felt powerless.

“The only thing we can do now is to wait for the patriarch to come and see if we can persuade these demon emperors to leave. After all, they didn’t want to fight for the treasure with the other party.”Deshun Commandery Prince said.

“This is the only way…”

After bidding farewell to Deshun Commandery Prince, Chen Yang rushed back to Chen City and began to reinforce the city walls.

At this point, Yang Chen could only prepare for the worst.

Fortunately, Chen Cheng was located in the cities furthest away from the river. Even if there was a flood that could destroy Jiang Prefecture, there shouldn’t be much in Chen Cheng’s area.

If he was well prepared, he might really be able to survive this crisis.

While Yang Chen was busy, Chen Xuan brought him good news.

Chen Mingde, the eldest son of the Ming generation of the Chen family, had successfully refined his bloodline by consuming the Blood Na Pill his father had bought for him.

This meant that the Chen family had another genius with a seventh-grade aptitude.

Immediately, Yang Chen called Chen Mingde to his side and gave him some instructions so that Chen Mingde could cultivate properly.

Chen Mingde’s bloodline was exactly the same as Chen Ke’s bloodline. Immediately, Chen Yang let the two of them cultivate together. If they encountered any difficulties, they could communicate in time and solve them together.

Just like that, another three days passed.

In these three days, the battles in the Jiang Prefecture continued day and night. The cities near the river had been destroyed beyond recognition.

As for the thousands of miles of fertile farmland by the river, it had long been covered in mud. There were no traces of fertile farmland at all.

Of course, after the flood receded, the fertile fields here would definitely be much more fertile than before. It was even possible for ling fields to be born.

However, whether it was fertile land or spiritual land, they could only enjoy it after everyone successfully survived this disaster.

In these three days, the royal family’s ancestor successfully arrived and began to try to negotiate with the demon emperor.

As for the result and the royal family’s method of handling the matter, they would have to wait for the county governor to bring it over.

Fortunately, Chen Yang did not have to wait long. On the morning of the fourth day, the Prefectural Governor successfully arrived at Chen City.

Lord County Governor, please take a seat.” Yang Chen waved his hand, signaling for the servants to serve tea to the Prefectural Governor. He then smiled and said,””County Governor, does the royal family have any orders?”

The Prefectural Governor picked up his cup of tea and was about to take a sip when he heard Yang Chen’s question. He put down the cup of tea and took out a book sealed with golden threads.

“The Human King ordered all the families in the counties to move all the people to cities far away from the Great River.”

“If the county doesn’t have a city far away from the river, you can bring the people of the county to move to other provinces.”

“Take note, this migration will only last for a month. After a month, no matter where they moved to, they had to find a high place to hide.”

After reading the imperial edict, the county governor handed it to Chen Yang.

Yang Chen took the edict and read it, his brows furrowed.” One month? Is this the deadline that the royal family’s ancestor can fight for?””

“That’s right.” The Prefectural Governor nodded.

“It’s not easy. The counties that are adjacent to other provinces might not even be able to move out within a month, let alone our counties.”

“Looking at the royal family means that our life and death are all up to us?”Yang Chen frowned at the Prefectural Governor.

When the county governor saw this, he smiled awkwardly.” You can’t say that. The royal family has also contributed some things. For example, the royal family is fully responsible for the grain this time. They sent experts to transport it to the various cities..”