Chapter 833 Enemy of My Enemy

Chapter 833 Enemy of My Enemy

[Platinum-grade light resistance]

[Progress: 13%]

When Lothur’s elemental resistance to light was about to reach 14%, seconds after he came face to face with the level 24 Sage, that man from the sovereign race of the area stopped what he was doing.

“Don’t attack him with elemental powers! He’s capable of developing resistance to our powers while we’re attacking him!”


“Is such a thing possible?”

“It’s no wonder he’s reached such a high level. Even if he doesn’t absorb bones or living beings’ powers, he can still become stronger!”

The Sages in the area were shocked by the ability the system had given Lothur. Still, they were already moving differently to prevent him from rescuing Cykad and escaping the area.

Everyone there began to use their soul pressure, moving against Lothur in an attempt to immobilize him, something that wasn’t element-related and obviously wouldn’t benefit him.

Looking around, Lothur realized what made the beings of this race so successful. They were truly intelligent and quick to figure things out!

‘Too bad. They could help me improve my light resistance. You don’t know how hard it is to do that without killing a lot of humans.’ Lothur thought to himself as he destroyed the formations that held Cykad in this cell.

As he destroyed the inscriptions of the last formation on Cykad, he finally moved against his opponents to overcome the gigantic pressure on him.


When he activated that technique, Lothur felt everything around him was within his grasp, while his physical and mental powers increased by 20% to 25%.

At the same time, Lothur looked at the level 24 Sage standing and directed his Soul power at his Constitution before moving towards him.

“So fast?” The man opened his mouth when he saw how fast Lothur was moving, so fast that he only saw a blur before the silver-haired man appeared in front of him.

But Lothur didn’t want any trouble with the rulers of this area and didn’t use any of his more dangerous abilities. “Go to sleep. When you wake up, I won’t be here anymore.”

With these words, he punched his opponent in the stomach, causing him to turn extremely white as his eyes widened.

But before he could even utter a cry of pain, the level 24 Sage collapsed in front of Lothur.


The surrounding men were startled by such a move and immediately rushed to their expert’s side.

Lothur dodged the many blows that came his way and appeared next to Cykad, who was slowly waking up after all the formations on his body had been destroyed.

“Loth…” He tried to speak but was too weak, and his voice wouldn’t come out.

Lothur smiled at him and, with a clench of his fist, destroyed all the chains connected to this Tyrannosaurus Rex’s body.

“Time to run!”

None of the Sages in the area could stop him as he manipulated space and fled, leaving no trace behind.

“Shit! We’ve lost the enemy!”

“What do we do?”

“He’s too strong. How could a hybrid have reached that level? The world is in danger!”

While these level 23 men were talking to each other and some of them injecting energy into the level 24 elder’s body, the space around the area of the prison where Cykad was was suddenly distorted, and someone arrived.

“Elder Rose!”

The men there immediately recognized who it was, bowing their heads but showing their debate with what had just happened.

“Elder, quickly, if you don’t move, the hybrid will destroy any chance we have of reaching him!” One of the more worried men shouted.

But the elder, who had just arrived, paid no attention to those men as she stared at the body of her comrade.

‘Is he just unconscious? What’s that hybrid doing?’ Her eyes narrowed, aware that Lothur could have absorbed the powers of several of the people in the area if he had wanted to.

‘Was it true what he told the humans and beasts?’ She remembered a rumor that had spread among the coalition forces against Lothur.

According to some Sages who had recently suffered at Lothur’s hands, he wouldn’t attack anyone who wasn’t attacking him. Not only that, but his target was only demons, and his goal was to stand in the way of the Demon Emperor.

Seeing that his words seemed to count and that Lothur wasn’t as chaotic as he should be, the woman said. “Let him escape.”



The surrounding men did not understand. A hybrid was an abomination, hated even by the heavens. How could they let such a thing go free?

“This hybrid is already close to the peak, but he doesn’t prove to be dangerous to the world or our purposes. If you want to go after him, go ahead. But don’t count on my help.” She said, not wanting to risk her thousands of years of cultivation and hard work with someone who didn’t oppose her goals.

She didn’t care if Lothur breathed the same air as her. As long as he didn’t threaten her tribe or the continuity of her people’s most important operations, she wouldn’t endanger herself by going after him.

Those around her listened with open mouths, but no one disagreed with the woman.


Just as one of them was about to speak, the level 24 man opened his eyes and said. “Forget it. It’s a shame that we lost that traitor. But some people are beyond our reach, so learn to deal with it. 4th Catastrophe Sages can do whatever they want! Don’t overestimate your powers and think you can talk about one of them casually!”

“4th Catastrophe? Has he reached that level?” The woman over there asked.

“Yes, he still has a soul power similar to ours. But that must be a peculiarity of his. In a short time, he can solve it and completely surpass us.”

He was already close to reaching level 25 in soul cultivation, so his words carried much weight in determining Lothur’s power.

“I see. So he’s already reached that legendary level.” The woman’s eyes sparkled with interest. “Perhaps his existence will not be so bad after all.”

“Are you thinking about the demons?”

“Yes. Now that he is so strong, he will hunt down the leaders of the demon tribe to strengthen himself.” She said seriously. “As much as this could create a future problem for us, it could also solve an old one.

With him alive and loose on the continent, some powerful demons may fall from their positions. That would be enough to disrupt the plans of some of those old jerks.”

“That makes sense.” The two of them agreed while the surrounding level 23 Sages were astonished at how these experts could see a hybrid as an ‘ally.’

But only they could understand what level 25 beings were!

Lothur was powerful, but there were beings in this world with twice his soul power. However, even these beings would be no match for the Demon Emperor at his peak, and they would have to fight against this creature in groups!