Chapter 1105: Change

Chapter 1105: Change

The black bear was in pain. Its anger level rose from 7 to 10, and the hatred was all transferred to Hexi.

Without even thinking, Hexi withdrew her sword and ran.

At this moment, she heard Wei Chengyuan shouting behind her, “Xi Yue, take this black bear between the mountain walls, I will trap it with an enchantment!”

Hexi herself was not the opponent of this black bear, so there was the previous scene.

Now, the black bear was finally trapped, and all the surviving couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

They counted the number, only to find sadly that there were not even 20 candidates left in the original 8 teams with more than 40 candidates.

The second team, the fourth team, and the fifth team were all dead.

For the other teams, except for the sixth team that was only affected at the end, most of the other teams were left with only 2-3 people.

In the end, there were only 15 people who were still standing there.

The black bear is just a magical beast, but it killed about 30 candidates. Even if it is a rank 6 magical beast, isn’t this too unusual?

Hexi said her doubt.

Wei Chengyuan swallowed a medicinal pill and breathed a sigh of relief, “I don’t know why either. This black bear is very fast, and it is especially targeting us.”

Hexi frowned and said, “Devour martial artists? Didn’t those people crush the inscribed jade slip when they were swallowed?”

A teammate beside Wei Chengyuan said with a pale face, “I… I tried to crush the inscribed jade slip when I saw Qi Hua was devoured, but… but no one came to help and I couldn’t get out… “

“What?” Hexi’s face became solemn.

She took out the inscribed jade slip and tried it. As expected, even if the spiritual power was injected, there was no response at all.

What exactly is going on?!

Wei Chengyuan’s teammate’s words made others echo, “I also tried to crush the inscribed jade slip, but it was useless.”

“When our teammates died, we didn’t hear any more reminders too.”

“This… what the hell is going on? Have we been abandoned in this secret realm?”

“How could they possibly abandon us? Miracle Healer Academy’s assessments have always been dangerous. Maybe this is a test of our ability?” Someone immediately retorted, “Isn’t the black bear trapped now? Maybe this is just a new trial that the academy prepared?”

“That’s right! Maybe whoever killed the black bear can become the top 1 of this year’s entrance examination?”

“Brother Wei can trap the rank 6 black bear, he should of course be top 1 right?”

“I think that Xi Yue is also very powerful. He is obviously just at the Foundation Establishment stage, but the black bear couldn’t even keep up with his speed!”

“Yeah, we even said that he was a trash before. It turns out that he has such power. If it weren’t for him, we would have died in the hands of the black bear.”

At this time, Chen Jiancheng and Chen Qiaoying also walked over with ugly faces when they heard everyone’s comments.

Especially Chen Jiancheng, who heard them talking about Wei Chengyuan and Xi Yue as the top 1, was burning in his heart. He was completely ignored by everyone.

This kind of honor should belong to me!

I’m the top 1 of this batch; I should be the one who gets flattered by everyone!

Black bear, yes… as long as I kill the black bear, both my points and popularity among the candidates can be greatly improved.