Chapter 1175: Joining Huang Medical Branch

Chapter 1175: Joining Huang Medical Branch

When Lu Zhixi said this, many people were also puzzled.

The difference between 999 points and 503 points is so big, he should have found out right away. Why didn’t he bring it up right away?

Hexi put her arms around her chest and said with a half-smile, “President Lu, are you trying to say that I didn’t score 999 points but it was another person? So, the Academy Student Council not only made a mistake in the scores of 2 people but even more? Hmm, maybe even among the candidates who were eliminated in the first round, there were innocent people who got implicated. They are really unlucky then.”

Lu Zhixi’s face was ashen, and she could no longer pretend. She said coldly, “Mr. Xi, what does this mean? I’m just talking about facts? Don’t normal people ask questions the first time they find out that there is a problem with their grades??”

“I’m so sorry, I’m not a normal person.” Hexi smiled lightly. “Without the score of 999, I can still be admitted to the Miracle Healer Academy and the Heaven Medical Branch. I’m too lazy to question. Do you have any opinions? If it weren’t because someone was too annoying, I wouldn’t expose this!”

After speaking, Hexi turned around and was about to leave, but she was stopped by Dean Li Chengqun from the Heaven Medical Branch.

“Student Xi Yue, since it has been proved that your cheating was just a misunderstanding, we will not expel you from Heaven Medical Branch. You will still be a member of Heaven Medical Branch. We will work together in the future. I believe you will definitely have a splendid future.”

As soon as Li Chengqun said this, Zeng Shouyue and the boy beside him became nervous.

The boy wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Zeng Shouyue.

Zeng Shouyue’s face looked disappointed, but he didn’t say anything.

Hexi raised her eyebrows and looked at Dean Li with a mocking smile, “Is Dean Li’s brain all right? What do you mean by being a member of the Heaven Medical Branch? I remembered clearly that Dean Li personally expelled me from the Heaven Medical Branch. Who do you think I am? You can expel me and recruit me back at your wish? ”

“You—!” Li Chengqun was so furious that the muscles on his face twitched.

He had never been so rudely humiliated by a student before, “Xi Yue, don’t go too far. The best branch of Miracle Healer Academy a freshman can stay in is Heaven Medical Branch. By staying in Heaven Medical Branch, only then can you get enough medicinal pills and crystal stones every month and you can live in the most luxurious dormitory. If you leave Heaven Medical Branch, do you think you can have a future? I’m giving you face to recruit you back and giving you a chance…”

“Thank you Dean Li for the chance.” Hexi interrupted Li Chengqun with a faint smile, “But I’m not interested in your chance. I have decided to join Huang Medical Branch.”

As soon as Hexi’s words came out, the other branch deans who were planning to recruit Xi Yue in the square immediately looked at each other with ugly expressions.

Zeng Shouyue was overjoyed and couldn’t believe his ears for a while.

Li Chengqun said viciously, “Do you know what kind of place Huang Medical Branch is? There are only wasted people with no future. Even the dean doesn’t have any future. Staying in the Huang Medical Branch, no matter how talented you are, you will be ruined for life! You better think about it!”

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