Chapter 1180: Allowed to Stay

Chapter 1180: Allowed to Stay

The man in a black shirt’s eyes turned gloomy slightly. This was the first time he was injured in Miracle Healer Academy.

A mere young man, a mere martial artist of the Meridians Stage, actually hurt him.

That’s right, the man in a black shirt saw through Hexi’s disguise at a glance. Her true cultivation had reached the Pseudo Gold Core Stage, but so what? Even the Nascent Soul Stage cultivators were nothing like ants in the eyes of the man in a black shirt.

The man in a black shirt released his hand, took a step back, looked at her and said, “Your name.”

Hexi raised her eyebrows. Her face was pale, and blood was still coming out from her mouth, but her imposing vibe still didn’t disappear. She smiled and said, “Before asking someone else’s name, shouldn’t you tell your name first?”

The man in a black shirt frowned as if he was not used to the way Hexi spoke to him.

But he still said, “Xuan Mu.”

Hexi smiled slightly, “Xi Yue.”

After introducing herself, Hexi raised her hand, and the dirty beddings appeared in the room, “Excuse me, Brother Xuan, what does this mean?”

Xuan Mu frowned again, “I don’t like living with others.”

Hexi was amused by him taking it for granted, “I don’t like to live with others too, nor do I want to live with you. But I drew this dormitory, why did you drive me out?”

Xuan Mu’s expression was indifferent. He lay down on the bed casually, took out a thick old book in his hand, read it on his own and said, “Because I’m stronger than anyone else, if I don’t let them live, they have to get out. But…”

He paused and said, “You’re very interesting. I allowed you to stay.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the quilt Hexi had thrown on the ground disappeared, replaced by another quilt on her bed.

Hexi gasped when she saw the quilt.

It turned out to be a silkworm quilt, and it was also a silkworm quilt with 10 kinds of magic circles such as spirit gathering array and calm mind array.

Hexi had only been seen it in Record of Everything. It was said that sleeping under it would not delay the cultivation, but it could also cultivate one’s mind and condense his fundamental essence. If it was put up for auction on the blackmarket, the price could probably reach a sky-high price.

This guy just gave it to me casually?

Hmm… for the sky-high price of the silkworm quilt, I will forgive this guy for being rude just now.


“What did you say? Xi Yue was moved to the Huang Medical Branch, and he stayed in the Huang No. 1 dormitory?”

Wei Chengyuan looked at He Jiang and He Jieyun in disbelief and asked loudly, “You better clearly explain what had happened!”

He Jiang and He Jieyun bowed their heads guiltily. Thinking of their own slandering of Xi Yue and Qing Luan’s accusations against them, they couldn’t hold their heads up.

After listening to He Jiang and He Jieyun’s narration, Wei Chengyuan’s face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost.

He didn’t expect that when he went away for 2 days to treat the important person that Hexi cured, such a thing actually happened to Hexi.

But now, it was still fine that Xi Yue was sent to the Huang Medical Branch. The most important thing was that she stayed in the Huang No.1 Dormitory.

Wei Chengyuan frowned, “No, I must not let Xi Yue live there!”

“Brother Wei, what’s wrong with the No. 1 dormitory? I remember that the dormitories of Huang Medical Branch are decided by draw lot. There is no good or bad, right!?”