Chapter 1201: Division Of Labor

Chapter 1201: Division Of Labor

Dean Huang stepped forward, stuff a green bead into his hand without being noticed and said in a low voice, “You must persevere. I will plead with Dean and hope that he will release you.”

Cai Yu was stunned. He subconsciously clenched the bead before being pushed into the enchantment by the people of Elder Ji.

Passing through the enchantment, the mellow spiritual power disappeared, and the cold evil spirit rushed toward him.

It was like hell on one side and heaven on the other.

Cai Yu closed his eyes and felt the faint energy emanating from the green beads. This energy enveloped his mind and dantian, preventing his mind and dantion from being eroded by the evil spirit.

However, this kind of protection was a drop in the bucket after all. It was like a tiny little flame in a violent storm that would go out at any time.

Cai Yu looked down at the bead. The light in his eyes disappeared under the reflection of the black evil spirit and the green bead, “Go back? I…can still go back?”


There had been a lot of noise in Miracle Healer Academy lately, and almost everything was Hexi-related.

But Hexi didn’t seem to care. She just lived her life gracefully.

“Mom, you are finally willing to let Little Egg out. Little Egg is suffocating to death!”

White light flashed in the dormitory, and the figures of Little Egg, Little Golden Dragon, Little Dumb Cow, and Xiao Li all appeared.

Little Egg jumped into Hexi’s arms and complained loudly, “Bad mom, you didn’t let Little Egg out for so long. When the bad guys bullied mom, Little Egg wanted to come out to beat the bad guys, but mom didn’t allow it either. Little Egg was really suffocating in there!”

Little Golden Dragon also held his paws and said angrily, “That group of idiots dared to say that you cheated and dared to question your pill refining ability! Hehe, now they should have suffered the consequences. I heard that Cai Yu was sent into the Spirit Extinct Valley. He will suffer now. Haha, he deserves it. That’s what you get for framing boss!”

Little Golden Dragon was different from Little Egg. He could change his shape at will. Although he couldn’t restrain all his aura, as long as someone didn’t use Divine Sense to investigate or break into the enchantment, no one would find out his presence.

But who would use Divine Sense to detect a fly?

Hexi smiled and said, “Okay, stop arguing, my roommate just happened to be not coming back tonight. Let’s go check out the whole academy.”

In the past few days, in addition to the cultivation, Hexi has been stepping around in the academy to inquire about the situation.

However, people came and went during the day, so it wasn’t easy to do anything. At night, the students were not allowed to leave the dormitory at will, so there was no clue about the search for Wu Qi.

“Little Egg, you first hide our cultivation base, don’t let spiritual power leak.”

“Xiao Li, you pay attention to casting illusions so that people can’t see our existence with the naked eye.”

“Little Dumb Cow casts the enchantment. Iff anyone approaches, tell me immediately.”

Hexi also searched for a long time before confirming that the president’s office of the Academy Student Council— which was the room where Lu Zhixi was, had a detailed map of the academy.

Miracle Healer Academy was too big, and there were enchantments in almost every place. If they searched by themselves, it would take a long time to find Wu Qi!

Little Golden Dragon heard that Hexi had assigned tasks to everyone, but he wasn’t assigned with anything, and he immediately said in a hurry, “Boss, what about me? What about me?”

Hexi smiled and said, “Of course you are scouting in front! Only your ability can avoid some simple arrays and let us enter the Academy Student Council.”

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