Chapter 1238: Strength of the Powerhouse

Chapter 1238: Strength of the Powerhouse

Jin Zeyu and the others could only see the purple vines engulfing Wu Jinshui and the others. Before they could react to what happened, they heard heart-piercing screams and wailing under the purple vines.

Qian Dazhuang’s injured body swayed. It took a long time for him to utter a trembling sentence, “A… am I having an illusion? What happened?”

A purple vine flicked in front of them.

Chen Xiaofeng was so frightened that he stumbled under his feet and almost fell to the ground, but it was Hong An who kindly helped him, so he didn’t lose make a gafe.

Chen Xiaofeng looked at the young man who showed a cold smile in fright. He felt that his previous overestimation of Xi Yue was ridiculously low.

Xi Yue had made a mess in the Miracle Healer Academy when she entered Miracle Healer Academy.

She seemed to be weak and beautiful, and her cultivation was low, but she had never been a weak person, but a king who truly stood at the top, making them feel extravagant even looking up at her.

Among the 4, Jin Zeyu was definitely shocked the most.

Because he once stood at the top of this academy where no one could match him, so he knew the strength of the real powerhouse.

However, the spiritual oppression that erupted from Xi Yue just now shocked him.

How can that be the spiritual pressure from a Foundation Establishment stage martial artists? How can that be the strength of a Foundation Establishment stage martial artists?

Even if I was at my peak, facing Xi Yue, I might not have the strength to contend.

Who is this young man?

The screams became more and more desperate and weaker until they disappeared.

The purple vine “Guji” hiccupped and returned to Hexi happily.

On the ground, there were 6 corpses lying randomly. Each with a huge opening in the abdomen, and the entire dantian disappeared without a trace.

Little Purple had been very obedient since being warned by Hexi last time at Nalan Mansion not to eat all the rubbish.

So every time she “eats people”, she won’t eat them whole, but she only eats the fattest dantian that can improve her cultivation.

Hexi gently stroked Little Purple who was begging for praise, and there was a sarcastic smile on her face. She looked not far away.

In the center of the 6 corpses, the only surviving one was Wu Jinshui.

Wu Jinshui was already badly wounded at this time. He was holding a magic weapon that glowed with green light in his hand.

His eyes were full of fear, and there was deep resentment and hatred, “Xi Yue, you dare to kill your classmates. When I return to the academy and report to the elders, you will definitely receive the most severe punishment. You just wait!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an inscribed teleportation jade slip appeared in Wu Jinshui’s hand, and it was crushed.

As the inscribed jade slip broke, Wu Jinshui also showed a crazy smile, “Do you think you can kill us all? Hahaha, you don’t know right? I have a inscribed random teleportation jade slip. Even I’m teleported to an unknown dangerous place, I will definitely go back and expose you. Xi Yue, just wait for my crazy revenge!”

Wu Jinshui spoke freely. He thought he could see the fear on Hexi’s face, but what greeted him was Hexi’s pitying and sarcastic smile.

Immediately afterward, he was horrified to find that he had crushed the inscribed jade slip, but the inscribed jade slip did not light up with the light of teleportation at all.

In other words, the teleportation array did not activate at all.

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