Chapter 1257: Bijing Pavilion

Chapter 1257: Bijing Pavilion

And, after entering the Pseudo Gold Core Stage, Hexi found out something.

The basic attributes of martial artists could be converted from each other, that was, water-based martial artists could cast fireballs, but to cast spells that were not their own attributes, the spiritual power and fundamental essence cost 10 times higher.

However, there were only 4 types of attributes that could be transformed into each other, which were gold, water, fire and earth. Only the wood-type attribute couldn’t be transformed with the spiritual power of other attributes.

This also made her wood spiritual root completely unable to cultivate. It was now much behind the other 4 spiritual roots.

But why exactly?

Why are there so few wood spiritual root martial artists in Miluo Continent? There are also so few wood cultivation methods?

Moreover, Gu Liufeng once said that the people of the Doctors Association were aggressively recruiting wood spiritual root people. Once those people were discovered, they never came back.

Hexi’s eyes were gloomy. She always felt that there was a big conspiracy in this matter.

Just as she was in a trance, a young man suddenly hurried toward her.

This young man’s name was Zhu Hai, one of Fang Yun’s friends. He once did Heaven Level missions with her.

Zhu Hai ran to Hexi’s side, panting, “Xi Yue, I’ve finally found you. Outside the Huang Medical Branch, someone is looking for you. He seems to be in a hurry.”

“Looking for me?” Hexi asked in surprise, “Do you know who it is?”

“The one who was admitted to the Miracle Healer Academy at the same time as you.” Zhu Hai gestured, “It seems to be Wei, and he looks good. I saw him outside your dormitory.”

“Wei Chengyuan?” Hexi was startled, and she immediately thought of the mysterious Bijing Pavilion.

It seems that the time has come. She smirked slightly and said solemnly: “Thank you, take me to him.”

Flying in the academy was restricted, so Hexi could only walk with Zhu Hai.

However, after Zhu Hai told her Wei Chengyuan’s location, Hexi stepped her feet and disappeared.

Zhu Hai, who was left behind, looked at her and sighed, “As expected of Xi Yue, even if he doesn’t need spiritual power, he can still have such a speed!”


Outside the main courtyard of the Huang Medical Branch, Wei Chengyuan was walking around anxiously, looking into the distance from time to time.

Suddenly, he felt a gust of wind blowing in front of him, and he channeled spiritual power to defend.

However, his hand was clasped by 5 cold and slender fingers. A youthful voice came into his ears, “It’s me!”

Wei Chengyuan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the sound, then he clasped her wrist, “Xi Yue, come with me, I’ll take you to a place.”

After about a few minutes, they came to an enchantment.

Hexi smirked. Wei Chengyuan is really bringing me to the Bijing Pavilion.

“Xi Yue, you have to remember that after you go inside, don’t do and talk anything. Don’t take out any threatening weapons.”

Wei Chengyuan didn’t have the slightest joking smile on his face. He said with a serious face: “We must not offend the people here. If we take a wrong step, we may even lose our lives.”

“Of course, if you cure the person inside, then you will have a talisman to avoid death in Miracle Healer Academy and even the entire Miluo Continent. Xi Yue, do you understand?”

Hexi smiled slightly. She said with a teasing tone: “I’m scared when you say that. I don’t know if I should treat or not~”

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