Chapter 1275: Don’t Deserve

Chapter 1275: Don’t Deserve

And at this time, Xuan Mu’s face no longer had the murderous look as before. When he talked to Xi Yue, there was even a soft relaxation in his expression.

Tong Bing breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he envied Xi Yue.

She was also at the Foundation Establishment stage, but she was totally different from him.

Such an excellent and powerful person would talk to Xi Yue in a gentle voice, and he even let him live in a same dormitory because of Xi Yue’s request.

If he could have the opportunity to stay with Xi Yue to study, he must work harder to make more people acknowledge him. One day, he would let this powerful man in front of him speak to him as equal and gentle as he treated Xi Yue.

Tong Bing clenched his fists, hugged the bedding in his hands a little and said awkwardly, “Senior Xuan Mu, nice… nice to meet you.”

With that said, he was about to put his quilt on the bed.

There were a total of 4 beds in the dormitory, which were placed diagonally. There were upper and lower bunks. Hexi and Xuan Mu both chose the upper bunk, so Tong Bing put his bedding on Xi Yue’s lower bunk.

However, before he could spread the quilt, a man’s cold voice came from above,”Get out!”

Tong Bing’s body suddenly froze, and he raised his head in disbelief.

The man above was still handsome, but he regained his indifference and cruelty in the afternoon. “I promised to let you enter the courtyard, but I didn’t promise to let you live in the dormitory. If you want to stay, next door.”

Next door… Tong Bing has organized the dormitory, so of course, he knew where the next door was.

It was icy cold, no spirit gathering array, no pill cauldron, just a cold little bed of a utility room.

Hexi frowned. Seeing that she was about to speak, Xuan Mu said lightly, “Xi Yue, I let him in because of you. If you say more, I don’t mind crippling 1 more annoying thing.”

Hexi’s mouth twitched. She knew that Xuan Mu had always had a bad temper and had a lot of secrets. He was most afraid of others annoying him.

She suspected that a large part of the reason why she was able to live in the dormitory was that she had no less secrets than him that she was afraid of being discovered.

For example, they often snuck out in the middle of the night. They both knew, but they didn’t expose each other.

It’s really not suitable for Tong Bing to stay here. Even, let him enter the courtyard. Whether it is she or Xuan Mu, they have discovered what secrets are hidden in Tong Bing, and they want to find out.

Hexi looked at Tong Bing, “Why don’t you go to a separate courtyard.”

“No—!” Tong Bing let out a sharp, weeping cry. His tears fell again, “I… I said that I want to stay here to serve Mr. Xi.”

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at the indifferent man above with tears in his eyes, “We are all classmates. This is also my dormitory. Why can’t I live here?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tong Bing suddenly felt a slap on his face. The slap was formed by the wind.

And the man sitting on the bed didn’t seem to move. He just said a few words coldly, “Because you don’t deserve it!”

Tong Bing covered his red and swollen face and stood there in a daze. Tears streamed down his delicate little face. He looked at Xuan Mu with pleading eyes, but Xuan Mu didn’t even look at him.

Hexi was also speechless, whether it was Tong Bing or Xuan Mu.

Xuan Mu was overbearing, but Tong Bing also made her unable to understand. There was a better place to live, why did he want to trigger Xuan Mu.

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