Chapter 1294: Flattered

Chapter 1294: Flattered

Qian Dazhuang’s loud voice could be heard by the people of the entire branch standing here, “Xi Yue, finally you came! Then I can rest assured. They called us all up in the middle of the night, and they all look vicious. They didn’t even bother listening to us. So scary!”

However, when Qian Dazhuang were just halfway through speaking, he saw Xuan Mu who was walking side by side with Xi Yue and his voice suddenly became hoarse.

Including Jin Zeyu, Zhang Chong and others, they all showed a bit of awe and fear toward Xuan Mu.

The power and terrifying power of this man was known to everyone at Miracle Healer Academy, especially Huang Medical Branch.

Hexi didn’t seem to notice everyone’s tension, and she casually introduced, “This is my roommate, Xuan Mu.”

As she said, she turned sideways and introduced everyone to Xuan Mu, “Jin Zeyu, Qian Dazhuang, Zhang Chong… are all friends I met when I took on the Heaven Level mission.”

With the introduction of Hexi, Xuan Mu glanced at the few of them.

In an instant, everyone’s bodies were stiff. Their hearts were about to jump out of their throats.

Xi Yue… what is he doing? Why is he introducing us to him? This scourge has always been alone and never greets others. Whoever dares to greet him will only get a “get lost”!

It’s over. We will definitely be scolded by Xuan Mu or even beaten up badly.

However, the next thing that shocked everyone happened.

Instead of scolding “get lost”, Xuan Mu nodded and glanced at them coldly without any killing intent or annoyance. Instead, it seemed like he wanted to remember them.

Of course, just remember. Just like people recognize trees and utensils without any emotion at all.

But this kind of goodwill also made everyone present flattered.

Jin Zeyu, who had the most flexible mind, quickly reacted. He walked over to Xi Yue and whispered, “Xuan Mu has a good relationship with you, right?”

“It’s okay, I guess?” Hexi raised an eyebrow. Very good? Not really right? Just an ordinary roommate. Of course, after tonight, we will be on the same boat. At least, we are considered friends.

It’s okay? Jin Zeyu took a deep breath, “You know that Xuan Mu has always been alone, and his status in the school is extremely special. Even the elders in the school can’t order him to do things. There were many students with extraordinary backgrounds, and some people once wanted to make friends with him, but he didn’t even look at them properly.”

“But…” Jin Zeyu paused and said with an unbelievable expression, “But, just because you introduced us, he actually greeted us. If others know about it, their jaws will drop.”

Hexi glanced at Xuan Mu. This guy dresses in black at night as if merging with the darkness, but no one present can ignore his existence.

Whether it was Huang Medical Branch or other branches, they all look at him with fear and awe.

Speaking of which, Hexi also found it strange. She had also been in Miracle Healer Academy for a few months, and she had almost zero communication with Xuan Mu. She even didn’t expect him to save her in Mo Jingxuan.

Hexi’s thoughts were flying around when Tong Bing’s breathless voice came from behind, “Brother Xi Yue, you guys are walking too fast. I can’t keep up with you guys.”

Hexi turned around and saw Tong Bing hurried up. His forehead was sweating slightly, and his delicate little face was flushing too.

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