Chapter 983

Chapter 983

Chapter 983: I Don’t Want To

Master Yuehua stared at the handsome young man not far away, only to feel that there was a raging storm in his heart. It made his eye sockets hot and his body tremble.

The people in Yongan City below were even more shocked. The discussion was even more vigorous than when Zhuge Xiaotian’s disease relapsed just now.

“Didn’t they say that Master Yuehua can’t refine pill anymore? Why did Xi Yue ask him to refine the pill?”

“Xi Yue definitely doesn’t know that Master Yuehua can’t pill refining at all.”

“The cloud marrow ganoderma only has 1 portion. If it fails, isn’t that the young city lord’s disease can’t be cured!”

Many doctors on the wall were excited when they heard the name cloud marrow ganoderma.

Some doctors even volunteered to do it, “Mr. Xi, Master Yuehua is not incapable of pill refining, but he has not been refining pill for many years. Cloud marrow ganoderma is so precious, what if he spoils it? Why don’t you let me do it!?”

Even Dr. Chen couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Xi, may I know what grade are the medicinal pill made by cloud marrow ganoderma.”

Hexi smiled slightly, “Fourth grade.”

As soon as she said this, even Master Yuehua’s face turned pale.

Before his spiritual fire collapsed, he could at most refine the third grade medicinal pills. Besides, those third grade medicinal pills didn’t even need precious materials like the cloud marrow ganoderma.

Those doctors even shook their heads, “With Master Yuehua’s level, he will definitely fail in refining this fourth grade medicinal pill! Mr. Xi, you must think twice!”

Ren Xueling laughed aloud and looked at Hexi with contempt and arrogance, “Xi Yue, you insist on letting Master Yuehua refine the pill because you hope that he will fail right? If that happens, you can shirk the responsibilities to Master Yuehua if you fail, am I right?”

Hexi turned her gaze on Master Yuehua; her eyes looked gloomy, “Master Yuehua, are you willing to bear the stigma of deceiving the world forever? Always letting people point at your back, never lift your head, even getting chased out of Yongan City, deprived of the qualifications to practice medicine. Are you willing to be a loser for the rest of your life?”

“No–! I don’t want to–!!!” Master Yuehua’s voice suddenly rose. His body was trembling violently because of exerting too much force.

The lost and sad expression in his eyes disappeared, turning into firm and scorching eyes.

He clenched his fists and looked at Hexi, “Mr. Xi, I… I’m willing to try to refine the fourth grade medicinal pill.”

Hexi’s face finally showed a slight smile.

He walked to Master Yuehua and gave the pill refining materials prepared in the storage ring and the inscribed jade slip for the pill formula to Master Yuehua.

After Master Yuehua took the inscribed jade slip and read it, his body trembled abruptly.

When he looked at Hexi again, there were already hot tears in his eyes, “Miracle Healer Xi, your… your great kindness, I really don’t know how to repay it. If Miracle Healer Xi wants me to do anything, I will agree without hesitation.”

It turned out that in the inscribed jade slip Hexi gave him, it recorded not only the pill formula for treating Zhuge Xiaotian’s disease, but also various pill formulas for treating his dantian’s disease and improving his cultivation and medical skills.

As long as he used the medicinal pills and these pill formulas Xi Yue gave him, in less than a month, the disease that had plagued him for 10 years would be completely cured; his cultivation would also exceed his past heyday.