Chapter 984

Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Warning Look

The pill formula Xi Yue gave him was something he had never seen in Miluo Continent. When someone else had an exclusive secret recipe, they did everything possible to hide it, but Xi Yue gave it all to him without hesitation.

Such a great kindness, Master Yuehua really didn’t know how he could repay it.

Although there was still a lot of discussion under the city wall, everyone was full of doubts about Master Yuehua and Xi Yue.

But the pill refining still started.

When a cluster of stable spiritual fire appeared in Master Yuehua’s hands and was thrown into the pill refining furnace, all the onlookers underneath widened their eyes.

“Isn’t it said that the Master Yuehua’s spiritual power has collapsed, and he can’t condense spiritual fire at all? Who is spreading this rumor?”

“Yeah, isn’t Master Yuehua condensing spiritual fire now? It is even stronger than the spiritual fire of ordinary doctors?”

“It’s no wonder that Xi Yue kid is not confident himself, and he wants Master Yuehua to refine the pill!”

As the spiritual fire was put in, the spiritual grass and materials were also put in one by one.

The scene was completely silent. Everyone held their breath, waiting to see the result of Master Yuehua’s pill refining.

With the 2nd spiritual grass being put in, Master Yuehua finally picked up the jade-like cloud marrow ganoderma.

At this time, his forehead was already covered with beads of sweat, and his face became paler.

The moment he picked up the cloud marrow ganoderma, Master Yuehua suddenly met Li Zhenyu’s cold warning eyes.

Li Zhenyu looked at Zhuge Feng and Zhuge Xiaotian, as if saying: If you don’t follow what I said, you should know how miserable the ending of Zhuge and his son will be.

Master Yuehua’s body trembled slightly; his eyes had a wave of uncertainty, but he calmed down quickly.

He originally thought about framing Xi Yue to protect Zhuge Feng’s family, but when he came to the door of the West Wing of Lanxiang Courtyard, he finally gave up on this decision.

Because he was a doctor; doctor is kind. He really couldn’t use medical skills to harm patients and frame his colleagues no matter what the reason was.

Now, Xi Yue was so kind to him. It was impossible for him to frame Xi Yue for his own personal affair, otherwise wouldn’t he be less than a human?

Thinking of this, Master Yuehua showed a sneer at Li Zhenyu, resolutely lowered his head and put cloud marrow ganoderma into the pill furnace.

The folding fan in Li Zhenyu’s angry hand made a creaking sound. He broke the iron forged fan abruptly.

The red light flickered on the pill refining furnace, and the elixir in it was continuously melting and condensing.

But Master Yuehua’s face became more and more ugly, and his dantian spiritual power was slowly drying up.

A burst of severe pain came from his dantian, and his meridians were burnt due to overuse.

But Master Yuehua seemed to be totally unaware, staring intently at the refining of medicinal pills in the pill furnace. He even forgot where he was now and who was next to him.

More than half an hour passed, and it was still dead silent under the city wall.

Everyone looked at the white-haired old man, watching him clearly painful but attentively refining medicinal pills, and they suddenly felt a little hot in their eye sockets and a little sour in their noses.

Some martial artists who had survived for a long time seemed to think of the times more than 10 years ago.

When the plague that made all the people in Yongan City desperate was rampant, it was the same doctor who refined medicinal pills and took care of the patients without resting. He didn’t even care even he had vomited blood. Finally, he found a way to control the plague.