Chapter 985

Chapter 985

Chapter 985: Failed?

He was the savior of the entire Yongan City!

Suddenly, someone yelled, “Master Yuehua, you will be able to pill refining successfully!”

“Yes, Master Yuehua, we support you!”

“Master Yuehua, we did wrong in the past. Whether you can pill refining or not, you are our most respected master!”

The people of Yongan City under the city wall began to shout one after another, at first a few dozen, and then for some reason, half of them were infected and began to shout non-stop.

Zhuge Feng listened to the voice under the city wall, then looked at his friend who was focusing in pill refining. For some reason, he felt hot in his eyes.

He quickly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and continued to wait patiently.

The faces of Li Zhenyu and the others were getting more and more gloomy.

Ren Xueling gritted her teeth and said, “What! Isn’t he just a fourth rank doctor. Why are these people making a commotion? Sister, don’t worry, he will not succeed in pill refining! With his spiritual fire, refining the third grade medicinal pills is already hard, let alone the fourth grade medicinal pills. Hmph, when he fails, let’s see if those people down there still support Master Yuehua!”

Lu Zhixi was also looking in Master Yuehua’s direction, but there was no expression on her face when she heard that. She said in a low and panicked tone, “But, what if he succeeds in refining? Xi Yue is so confident. Maybe… he can really succeed in refining?”

The low voice was gentle and sweet, but it described an unspeakable helplessness.

This was the first time Li Zhenyu had felt Lu Zhixi’s fragility and fear. For a while, he only felt that the blood in his whole body was surging up. He was willing if he was going to die for her.

He gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Zhixi rest assured, I will never let him succeed.”

Li Zhenyu’s eyes were gloomy and cold, staring in the direction of Master Yuehua.

At this time, Master Yuehua’s body was dripping with cold sweat; his face was even player, but there was hope in his eyes.

Almost, Almost! He already felt the medicinal effect of the cloud marrow ganoderma enveloping other medicinal pills; they were about to merge with each other and condense into pills.

He would soon be able to successfully refine the pill. This was the fourth grade medicinal pill, and its main material was the cloud marrow ganoderma.

Just as Master Yuehua was happily looking forward to it, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back.

“Ahh!!” A short scream, interrupting him from channeling spiritual power.

Master Yuehua fell to the ground because of the pain, but he didn’t care about his pain at all, and his eyes widened suddenly, looking at the gray pill cauldron with a frightened expression.

Because of the interruption of the spiritual power supply, the pill cauldron that was originally flashing red suddenly dimmed, and the materials that had already been condensed also collapsed. A curl of black smoke rose above the pill cauldron.

Pill refining… has failed?!

Master Yuehua was trembling all over. He suddenly turned his head, staring fiercely in Li Zhenyu’s direction, and let out a stern shout, “You… it’s you! You just sneak-attacked me, didn’t you?! You… How can you do this?! How can you do this!!! That is the only cloud marrow ganoderma!!! How can you be so vicious!!!”

There was a weird silence in the audience.

Immediately afterward, there was an uproar under the city wall.

Some people, who had just been immersed in the emotions, couldn’t even believe their eyes now. The pill refining actually failed.