Chapter 986

Chapter Chapter 986: No Evidence: 986

Chapter 986: No Evidence

However, as the black smoke rose up from the pill cauldron, there was no strong medicinal fragrant spreading. Obviously, the pill refining did fail.

However, what did Master Yuehua’s words mean? Just now he was going well in refining the pill, but he suddenly cried out and fell to the ground. Was it because Li Zhenyu attacked him?

However, Li Zhenyu looked calm with his hands behind. He said coldly, “Master Yuehua, what are you talking about? I don’t understand you.”

Master Yuehua trembled all over, trying to support himself up from the ground. However, he had exhausted all spiritual power just now, and he was now injured on his back. He couldn’t get up no matter how.

A line of tears fell from his red pupils. He stared at Li Zhenyu fiercely and shouted, “Li Zhenyu, when I almost finished refining the pill, I felt someone attacked me, causing my spiritual power input to be interrupted. It was just you! You’re afraid that if I succeed in pill refining, Fairy Zhixi will lose to Xi Yue. You… you despicable villain! Yesterday you threatened me to let me do something on Xi Yue’s medicinal pills so that Fairy Zhixi can win. The person who attacked me must be you too!”

What?! Threatening Master Yuehua to let him do something on Xi Yue’s medicinal pills?!

What did it mean?!

There was a commotion in the audience, but Li Zhenyu was very calm. He just stared at Master Yuehua coldly, “You can’t simply frame someone! Master Yuehua, you are a respected doctor in Yongan City. Don’t you know that framing someone casually is morally wrong? You said that I threatened you and I attacked you, then do you have the evidence?”

Master Yuehua took out the medicinal powder that Li Zhenyu gave him yesterday, “This is what you gave me yesterday and asked me to put into Xi Yue’s medicinal pills so that even if he has a cure for the young city lord, he will eventually lose because of this medicinal powder!”

“Hahahaha!” Li Zhenyu laughed. “Master Yuehua, you don’t think you can say that I gave you this by taking out a bottle of powder, right? Is my name written on the powder or it is engraved with my Yunlan Sect’s badge? Does Master Yuehua think that anyone would believe in your nonsense?”

“You——!!!” Master Yuehua was speechless for a while. His body was trembling violently with anger and regret.

Li Zhenyu was even more proud, and he sneered, “Master Yuehua, you are not good enough which caused the pill refining to fail, but now you are blaming me? Did Xi Yue instruct you to do this? He gave you a pill formula that can’t refine pill at all. He even claimed that it can cure the young city lord’s disease. In fact, he just wants to deceive everyone and not lose the competition!”

There was another silence in the audience, Master Yuehua and Li Zhenyu insisted on different opinions, but neither side had any evidence.

Moreover, the pill refining had failed, and there was only 1 portion of the cloud marrow ganoderma. Even if Xi Yue wanted to prove whether he could cure the young city lord, he couldn’t do so now.

The matter had entered a stalemate.

At this moment, Hexi, who had been watching silently, took a step forward, came to the cauldron, and slowly said, “Elder Li, you said I can’t prove that I can cure the young city lord’s disease?”

“Isn’t it?” Li Zhenyu sneered at him. His eyes were full of mockery, “Cloud marrow ganoderma only has a unique portion. You can find another one either in a short time. Now that the pill refining fails, how can you prove that you can cure the young city lord?”