Chapter 987

Chapter 987

Chapter 987: Going Crazy?

Hexi smiled slightly. Because of such a smile, Hexi’s face looked more fascinating, “Who told you that the pill refining failed?”

“What are you talking about?!” Li Zhenyu was taken aback, then he laughed, “Xi Yue, you can’t even judge whether the pill refining has failed or not? The spiritual power supply is interrupted before the medicinal pills condense, so how is this not a failure?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows slightly and said with a chuckle, “Oh? Really? Then, keep your eyes open and take a good look at what is called pill refining.”

As soon as the sentence ended, a golden red fire suddenly condensed from her fingertip.

Golden red… Golden red! ! It is the golden red fire?!!

Before the people underneath hadn’t responded, the doctors on the wall had already widened their eyes with a look of horror.

Lu Zhixi even exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”

The golden red spiritual fire is a pure flame that only martial artists above the Nascent Soul stage can condense with their own dantian fire.

Even my father, Lu Xuyang, the president of the Doctors Association, has just purified the purity of spiritual fire to such a degree in the past 10 years.

How old is this Xi Yue? His cultivation seems to be the Foundation Establishment stage, why? Why can he condense the golden red spiritual fire?

Hexi didn’t care about the reactions of the people on the city wall at all. The spiritual fire was sent lightly into the pill refining cauldron.

The pill refining cauldron was quickly re-lit with a golden red light.

But it was totally different from the exclamation of everyone when the spiritual fire appeared just now.

At this moment, everyone watching Hexi’s actions couldn’t help shaking their heads: How could it be possible to recondense the medicinal pills that have failed to condense?

Such a thing has never happened in the Miluo Continent before. How can it be successful?

Ren Xueling even said with a smile in Lu Zhixi’s ear, “Senior Sister, is this kid going crazy? He want to recondense the failed materials again. He is simply dreaming!”

Lu Zhixi smiled slightly and did not speak.

Although she still felt sullen seeing the golden red fire, she would never believe that medicinal pills that had failed to condense could be refined again. This was absolutely impossible.

However, as the time passed, the flame in the cauldron became brighter and brighter.

The black smoke that was still wafting away disappeared without a trace, and it was replaced by a vague scent of medicinal fragrance.

The medicinal fragrance had already dispersed before the pill was condensed, and it gave an indescribable refreshing feeling to those who smelled it.

The doctors on the city wall who had just laughed at Hexi for bragging gradually lost their composures.

Dr. Chen took a step closer, sniffed it hard, and tremblingly said, “This… how can this medicinal fragrance be so strong? When I refined the fifth grade medicinal pills, it didn’t have such a strong and pure medicinal fragrance too!”

He couldn’t help but tiptoed and glanced into the pill cauldron, then he released the doctor’s unique Divine Sense to explore. He immediately blurted out in shock, “It’s condensing… the pills are starting to condense! This… how can this be?!”

As soon as Dr. Chen said this, everyone on the city wall was shocked, and then there was a commotion.

“Could it be possible that failed medicine can really be recondensed into pills? But, how is this possible? At the moment of failing, the spiritual power of the medicinal pills should have disappeared right?”