Chapter 988

Chapter 988

Chapter 988: Why Does It Matter to Me?

“If it is really successful, how strong should Xi Yue’s pill refining ability be! At least, he must have a quasi-master level right?”

“What’s a joke, you find a pill refiner of the quasi-teacher level and let him refine the discarded residue into medicinal pills? Even a pill refiner of the grandmaster level can’t do it!”

“No… it’s impossible right?! How can it be possible to recondense the failed medicine into medicinal pills?”

The doctors were in a mess because what Hexi had completely subverted their knowledge.

Lu Zhixi’s face turned from red to white, then from white to green; a dark light was flickering in her eyes. She had a kind of fear and panic that she herself couldn’t explain.

Seeing Lu Zhixi’s pale face, Li Zhenyu only felt a pain in his heart; he was full of pity for Lu Zhixi and hatred for Xi Yue.

He gritted his teeth and couldn’t help but once again condense a trace of sword qi on his fingertip, then he launched it at Hexi’s back silently.

No matter how good Xi Yue is in refining pain, he is just a low rank martial artist of the Foundation Establishment stage.

As long as my sword qi hits him, it will definitely interrupt his pill refining. When the time comes, he will fail twice. I don’t believe that this person can condense the waste into medicinal pills again.

Thinking of this, Li Zhenyu’s eyes showed a smug grin.

However, before the grin in his eyes spread to his face, he suddenly met a pair of cold and deep eyes.

A man in a black brocade robe standing behind Hexi at this time. He had a handsome face that would fascinate all women, but there was a cold bloodthirsty smile on his face now.

Li Zhenyu was suddenly startled. When he launched the sword qi, there was clearly no one standing behind Xi Yue.

When did the man in black appear?

Immediately afterward, Li Zhenyu felt a sharp pain in his chest. He couldn’t help but let out a stern scream, and his body was pushed back uncontrollably, hitting the city wall hard.

Li Zhenyu spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, moaning in pain.

Ren Xueling and Lu Zhixi only reacted now and rushed toward him, “Cousin, cousin! What happens to you?!”

“Zhenyu, are you okay?”

Li Zhenyu felt better under the treatment of Lu Zhixi’s spiritual power. He looked at Nan Gongyu with fear and resentment, “It’s him… it’s him who attacked me!”

Both Lu Zhixi and Ren Xueling followed his gaze, and they soon met Nangong Yu’s cold smile as if looking at a clown.

Lu Zhixi only felt suffocating like being choked by someone. She had lost her sanity as she stood up abruptly, “Nangong Yu, what is your… what is your cultivation? What is your identity? How can you be so shameless, bullying people whose cultivation is so much lower than yours? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by the world?”

Nangong Yu sneered, then he slowly said, “Why does the world matter to me. I only know that if anyone dares to hurt Xi Yue in front of me, I will make him pay thousands of times back!”

Lu Zhixi’s pupils shrank suddenly, and she clenched her fists. She didn’t even notice the nails sinking into the palms.

Before Lu Zhixi could speak, the Little Golden Dragon who flew out had already sneered and said, “Some people have tried to plot against others, but this time they hit the wall hard and got retaliated. They actually dare to blame the others shamelessly too!”