Chapter 989

Chapter 989: Chapter 989 Wasn’t it Too Much?

Little Egg immediately agreed, and he pointed at Li Zhenyu and shouted, “You shameless villain, you were the one who attacked Grandpa Yuehua just now. I saw it all. Now that my daddy taught you a lesson, you deserve it!”

Mo Xiaotu also clapped her hands and laughed, “Yeah! Last time, this bad guy even wanted to bite me with a poisonous snake. He is so bad!”

She also pointed at Fairy Zhixi, “This big sister is pretty and beautiful, but she is definitely not a good person if she mixes with this kind of bad guy!”

These few people and spiritual pets spoke without scruples, but their voices were loud, so that everyone under the city wall could hear them clearly.

The people below burst into rage.

“Could it be that Elder Li really attacked Master Yuehua just now? Isn’t that too much?!”

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“Didn’t Master Yuehua look really strange just now? He didn’t look like he was lack of spiritual power at all.”

“It should be right? Li Zhenyu is Yunlan Sect’s sword-holding elder; he is so famous. How could he do such a thing?”

“If he really did it, isn’t Fairy Zhixi, who mixes with this kind of person, also…”

Lu Zhixi’s face turned extremely pale as she listened to the discussion from everyone below.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Xi Yue, I know you did so much just because you want to beat me and try to be famous with my reputation so that everyone will notice you. Now, you have won; you did it. Even if you can’t cure the young city lord, you now have huge reputation already. But why do you still want to drag the others down?”

“Is Lu Zhixi not enough? You even have to step on Master Yuehua, Xueling and Zhenyu to get your reputation. Don’t you think you are too much?”

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Lu Zhixi’s remarks were extremely serious; her words contained deep resentment and grievance.

The people who were talking about Li Zhenyu suddenly calmed down, and they looked at Hexi with doubts again.

They still had deep respect and admiration for Fairy Zhixi. Therefore, although things were getting weird, now that Fairy Zhixi had spoken, they still somehow believed in her.

However, Hexi turned a deaf ear to Lu Zhixi’s words.

Because the pill refining had reached the most critical moment, the strong medicinal fragrance spread on the city wall along with the mellow spiritual power, and the cover above the pill cauldron also made a buzzing sound.

Suddenly, the pill cauldron’s cover was bounced away with a bang, and it fell to the ground with a harsh sound.

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Little Egg usually used this gray pill cauldron to refine pills. Now seeing the cover was bounced away, the little guy suddenly felt distressed. He rushed to pick up the cover and put it back into the void.

But no one would notice Little Egg’s behavior at all.

Everyone couldn’t help taking a step forward, looking into the pill cauldron.

According to the normal pill refining process, the air holes on the top of the pill cauldron would emit a strong medicinal fragrance and buzz, but the cover would not be bounced away.

Could it be that the process of refining the waste residues into medicinal pills failed in the end?

Master Yuehua almost jumped onto the pill cauldron, and he widened his eyes and looked into the pill cauldron with a trembling body.

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Then, his eyes widened in disbelief.

What appeared in front of him was not a batch of waste residues nor a batch of the fourth grade medicinal pills that the normal doctor usually refined.

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