Chapter 990

Chapter 990

Chapter 990: Only Chance

What appeared in front of him were dozens of fourth grade medicinal pills… the total was 80!

How can this be?! How can there be 80 fourth grade medicinal pills in one batch?! 20 is usually the limit!

“How come there are so many?!” As if in response to Master Yuehua’s thoughts, other doctors’ exclamations soon came into his ears.

“This… this should at least have 70 to 80 medicinal pills, right?!”

Hexi on the side listened to their screams one after another, but she couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

Refining the waste residues into medicinal pills is indeed flawed. Not only the pills are reduced by half, but the color of these medicinal pills is still a little behind the best quality pill. It is only slightly better than those that Little Egg refined.

The doctors on the wall were stunned, looking at Hexi as if they were looking at a monster.

If they were told before today that someone could recondense the failed waste residues into medicinal pills, they would never believe it. If they were told that someone could refine 80 fourth grade medicinal pills in 1 refine, they wouldn’t believe in it at all.

However, now the truth was right in front of them.

Every action of Xi Yue was done under their eyes, so there was no way that they were deceived.

The doctors of Yongan City no longer dared to look down on this young doctor who was only 17 years old; they even looked at her with respect.

Hexi didn’t care about them. Instead, she took 3 medicinal pills and came to Zhuge Xiaotian. She said in a light voice, “Take these 3 medicinal pills and meditate for half an hour, then you won’t be afraid of the sun anymore. There won’t be botulinum toxin in your body anymore.”

Zhuge Xiaotian stretched out his hands that still had some red spots, took over the medicinal pills tremblingly, and said after a long time, “Miracle Healer Xi, what kind of medicinal pills are these? After I take them, I really… I really can be a normal person??”

Zhuge Xiaotian’s voice was slightly hoarse and trembling.

He clearly remembered the scene where he had just gone mad on the city wall and turned into a vampire monster.

And everyone in Yongan City saw this. They regarded him as a terrifying and ugly monster.

Now even the guards on the city wall glanced at him from time to time and hurried away; their expressions were full of fear and disgust.

Zhuge Xiaotian thought at the time that his life was over. Even if he was cured in the future, the people of Yongan City could no longer treat him as a normal person.

Everyone would associate him with the terrifying monster.

However, at the moment of his despair, the boy named Xi Yue gave him the only chance.

Zhuge Xiaotian felt that his ears still seemed to hear Hexi’s words. When Hexi treated him, she said softly in his ear, “Don’t worry, they are afraid of you because of the unknown and fear. As long as we prove that you just got an illness that everyone could have, and you can be treated, they will treat you as a normal person again.”

The death and despair in Zhuge Xiaotian’s eyes, because of these sentences, were once again ignited by hope.

So when the scene just happened, he waited quietly, waiting for the handsome boy in front to turn him into a normal person.

Hexi frowned and said, “This medicine is researched by me in conjunction with the vampire disease. I haven’t thought of its name yet, but since its main material is cloud marrow ganoderma, then I’ll call it cloud marrow pill.