Chapter 991

Chapter 991

Chapter 991: More than Believing in Her?

“What?! The pill formula that you researched?!” Dr. Chen, who was the nearest, could not help but shout, “Xi… Mr. Xi, is this true? You researched this medicinal pill yourself? It’s not recorded in any ancient books?”

Seeing Hexi nodding, the doctors on the wall looked at each other, each showing a shocked expression.

It is not impossible to self create a pill formula, but at Miluo Continent, no one can do that again for hundreds of years. The boy in front is so young, how did he do it?

Lu Zhixi frowned and couldn’t help taking a step forward and said, “Mr. Xi, creating a pill formula is not a trifle. If you are not careful, you will let your patient suffer severe damage after taking the pill. Are you sure that you researched this pill formula yourself?”

As she said, she softly persuaded, “Young city lord, Zhixi didn’t want to slander Mr. Xi, but the self-made pill formula really has a huge unknown danger. After taking it, it is likely to worsen your illness even more. Please think twice.”

When Zhuge Xiaotian heard this, his hand that had almost reached his mouth stopped, and he looked at Hexi.

Hexi smiled coldly. She stood up slowly with her hands behind her back and said, “You can decide for yourself whether to take the cloud marrow pill. I still have to say that. I’m confident to cure you, but I will never force you.”

Zhuge Xiaotian’s body was slightly startled, and then his hesitant gaze suddenly became firm. He nodded slightly to Lu Zhixi, “Thank you Fairy Zhixi for your concern, but I want to trust Miracle Healer Xi.”

With that said, he didn’t hesitate anymore and swallowed the 3 medicinal pills into his abdomen at once.

Lu Zhixi froze in place, barely keeping calm on her face, but the anger in his heart could not be suppressed like boiling water.

What does Zhuge Xiaotian mean?

He believes in Miracle Healer Xi? So, he believes in Xi Yue more than me?

He is just an ignorant kid who doesn’t even reach Meridians Stage. He has no inheritance; no background. How… how did he bloom such a dazzling light? Even my own existence is overshadowed by him.

After Zhuge Xiaotian swallowed the medicinal pills, he was still a little nervous and sat in place with anxiety.

Suddenly, his face changed, and a look of pain appeared on his face.

Zhuge Feng had been paying attention to his son’s situation. At this time, seeing his face in pain, he couldn’t help but anxiously said, “Xiaotian, Xiaotian! What’s wrong with you? Is the disease relapsed again? Mr. Xi, what is going on? “

Seeing Zhuge Xiaotian’s face getting paler and paler, and even his lips showed a green-purple color, Zhuge Feng’s tone also became panicky and doubt.

Other doctors even shook their heads and said, “See, he is just a young boy. How can he self-create pill formula? It will definitely cause trouble if he eats the pills like this!”

Ren Xueling smiled even more gloatingly, “Who told you not to listen to my senior sister’s advice just now, now you are taking your own consequences!”

Lu Zhixi’s eyes flashed slightly, but she looked concerned on her face. She stepped forward and said, “City Lord Zhuge, it is better to let me diagnose and treat the young city lord. If there is any problem with the medicinal pills, maybe it is still not too late! “

Zhuge Feng was taken aback for a moment, then he looked back and forth at Xi Yue and Lu Zhixi, and he almost agreed to it.

Suddenly, he saw that his son, who was still in pain, looked calm all of sudden. He got up, sat down cross-legged and started to channel his spiritual power.