Chapter 992

Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Is He Advancing?!

With the channeling of spiritual power, the painful expression on Zhuge Xiaotian’s face slowly disappeared, turning into tranquility and peace.

Hexi’s eyes flickered slightly, and her fingers moved lightly, and the purple vines that had covered Zhuge Xiaotian from the sky returned to Hexi’s body in an instant.

In the next instant, the warm but dazzling sunlight shined on Zhuge Xiaotian’s face.

“Ahh–!” Zhuge Feng exclaimed in shock, “Mr. Xi, why are you removing the shade? What if Xiaotian’s disease relapses…”

Hexi’s voice calmly and firmly interrupted him, “City Lord Zhuge, don’t you understand? Because of the cloud marrow pill, the current sunshine is not only a harm to the young city lord, but it is the best medicine for him to heal.”


Zhuge Feng was taken aback for a moment, then he looked at Zhuge Xiaotian with his eyes widened.

Zhuge Xiaotian not only didn’t feel painful being shined by the sun, but a faint light radiated from him immediately.

That was the light was due to the overflow of spiritual power. That was a miraculous scene when one’s dantian and meridians expanded.

Dr. Chen, with the highest level of medical skills, watched for a while, and he suddenly exclaimed in disbelief, “He… is he advancing?!”

Not only did the old disease not recur due to sunlight, but the wounds and scars on the face healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

More surprisingly, the more the sun, the faster his spiritual power was channeling and the more mellow his spiritual power was. Black spots even secreted on his skin.

This was not only curing and advancing, but also a process of cleaning impurities in the meridians and eliminating all toxins in the martial artist.

Cloud marrow pill! Cloud marrow pill! Is it really just a cure for the vampire disease?

Is it really just a pill formula created by a 17 years old boy?

When the eyes of these doctors once again fell on the dozens of medicinal pills remaining in the pill cauldron, there was already a fanatical light in their eyes.

It can help martial artists to advance and remove impurities and toxins in the meridians. Although it still can’t cleanse the muscles and replace the marrow, such a medicinal pill is already rare in the world!

If I can get one, wouldn’t I be able to advance my cultivation and medical skills?!

The doctors on the city wall were shocked and enthusiastic, and the people under the city wall were so shocked by the continuous scene that they couldn’t breathe.

Many martial artists who were stuck in the bottleneck period almost lost their minds and flew up the city wall to get the medicinal pills.

Some people in Yongan City finally remembered the name of this young miracle healer – Xi Yue.

“Xi Yue, could it be… Is he the miracle healer rumored in Yanjing City, Xi Yue, the owner of Shengde Hall?”

“Oh my God! If it were him, it would be no surprise that such superb medicinal pills can be made!”

“The young city lord is so severe, but he can even advance after taking cloud marrow pill. If I can also get a cloud marrow pill, will I be able to break through the middle stage of the Meridians Stage?”

“Fourth grade cloud marrow pill. After today, this medicinal pill will probably be known throughout the entire Miluo Continent!”

At this time, Zhuge Xiaotian finally finished meditating and slowly opened his eyes.

“Xiaotian, how do you feel?”

Zhuge Xiaotian also looked a little dazed. He stood up and touched the sweat bead on his face, and a stench came to his nose.