Chapter 993

Chapter 993: Chapter 993 Full of Desire

He quickly condensed water spiritual power to wash his body, then he said hoarsely, “Father, I seem to have broken through to the Meridians Stage perfect stage.”

Zhuge Feng was overjoyed as he grabbed his son’s hand and inspected with spiritual power.

The spiritual power in Zhuge Xiaotian’s dantian was really full; it contained more spiritual power than it should be.

He had really reached the Meridians Stage perfect stage, and he would soon enter the Pseudo Core Stage of the Gold Core Stage.

His son was able to enter the Gold Core Stage at the age of less than 30. Thinking of this, Zhuge Feng’s hand trembled.

However, after all, he was most concerned about his son’s condition.

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“Xiaotian, is your illness really cured? Will it relapse in 2 days?”

As he said, he looked at Hexi nervously with a face full of enthusiasm, “Mr. Xi, you… can you help Xiaotian diagnose again!”

Hexi smiled slightly and took a step forward to catch Zhuge Xiaotian’s wrist pulse.

After diagnosing for a while, she released a little blood with a knife and inspected the blood condition with spiritual power before nodding and saying, “City Lord Zhuge, please rest assured, the young city lord’s illness has been completely cured.”

“Really… really?” Zhuge Feng’s voice was hoarse and incoherent due to excitement. “It won’t relapse? Can you check it again… is there anything we need to pay attention to… Does he need to expose to the sun less in the future?”

“Father, don’t ask anymore!” Zhuge Xiaotian stretched out his hand and interrupted Zhuge Feng.

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Afterward, he stretched out his hand to touch the sunlight and slowly said, “Father, I know my body better than anyone else. I’m sure I have healed. Moreover, the sunlight not only does not make me scared and uncomfortable, on the contrary, it is giving me continuous strength. “

Hexi nodded and said, “In addition to eradicating the source of disease in the young city lord, the cloud marrow pill has another function, which is to absorb the fire energy from the sun for one’s own use. It can also broaden the meridians and remove the impurities in the body. It is especially effective for martial artists who have the spiritual root of thunder, fire and gold. Of course, this effect can only be maintained until the medicinal effort of the cloud marrow pill completely disappears, which is only about 24 hours.”

There was another commotion after hearing Hexi’s words. Many people couldn’t help but greedily move closer to the open gray cauldron.

Even the guards on the wall are no exception. They looked at the dozens of cloud marrow pills with eyes full of desire.

Those were the medicinal pills that could let martial artists absorb the fire essence of the sun! Although the effect only lasted for 24 hours, it was already of great benefit to the martial artists.

Not to mention, it could also broaden the meridians and remove impurities; Zhuge Xiaotian in front was the best proof of the effect of this kind of medicinal pill.

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How could they not covet and desire?

Among all the people under the wall, the only ones with ugly faces were probably Lu Zhixi, Ren Xueling and Li Zhenyu.

Lu Zhixi looked at the confident and ecstatic expression on Zhuge Xiaotian’s face and his normal body under the sun, then her entire heart sank bit by bit.

There was never a moment when she wanted to beat a person so much, but she was powerless. She was even trampled into the mud by the other party, but she was unable to resist.

But at this time, Zhuge and his son even gave her a fatal blow.

Although everyone was coveting the cloud marrow pill, Zhuge Feng only cared about the safety of his son.

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The failure of Fairy Zhixi’s treatment plan just now had eliminated all the trust in his mind. He still felt fearful seeing the sun shined on his son.

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