Chapter 994

Chapter 994: Chapter 994 Medical Skills Competition Result

He said nervously, “Xiaotian, why don’t you go back to the basement now and wait for tomorrow to see if the disease will relapse? What if Miracle Healer Xi’s treatment is the same as Fairy Zhixi? What if there are sequelae?”

Who knew Zhuge Xiaotian shook his head firmly, “Father, that’s not the same. After Fairy Zhixi treated me, although I can get some sun, the sun does not make me feel close. Even after exposing to the sun for a long time, I felt irritable in my heart.”

“However, Miracle Healer Xi’s treatment is different. After he asked me to take the cloud marrow pill, I only felt that sunlight was so comfortable for me. Even the desire for raw meat and blood, which was hidden in my body since childhood, disappeared completely. Father, I know that this time my body is really healed!”

Zhuge Xiaotian’s words were sincere and exciting, but it was like slapping Lu Zhixi’s face.

What does he mean Miracle Healer Xi’s treatment is different? What does he mean his body is really healed this time?

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Is Zhuge Xiaotian telling all the people in Yongan City that I, Lu Zhixi, lose to Xi Yue?

Zhuge Feng had always known that Zhuge Xiaotian had liked raw meat more than cooked food since he was a child, and he occasionally liked to eat food cooked with blood from fierce beasts. Now when he heard this, he knew that his son was really healed this time.

Under excitement, he couldn’t help turning around and bowing deeply toward Hexi, “Miracle Healer Xi, your medical skills have really reached the point of being miraculous. Our Zhuge Family is really grateful for your life-saving grace of my son.”

Before Hexi had spoken yet, Bai Hu had walked over with his hands folding on his chest, “City Lord Zhuge, this nonsense is meaningless. If you affirm my young master’s medical skills and confirm that the young city lord has healed, then just declare the results of the competition between my young master and Fairy Zhixi!”

Zhuge Feng was startled, and he looked at Lu Zhixi with embarrassed eyes.

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In fact, he really wanted to directly announce the result of the medical skills competition because he was completely convinced with Xi Yue’s medical skills.

However, the treatment results of Lu Zhixi were only announced 3 days later. If he immediately announced Xi Yue’s treatment results, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to Fairy Zhixi?

Sure enough, Ren Xueling suddenly jumped out angrily when she heard the words, “Why my senior sister needs to be observed for 3 days when treating a disease, but this kid doesn’t need it? Zhuge City Lord, are you looking down on my senior sister?”

Bai Hu sneered, “Someone isn’t capable. Blood changing also needed to take 3 days. Don’t think that the other is the same as her. Hehe, let’s not take about this, just base on the results alone, didn’t Fairy Zhixi lose because she is inferior to my young master in terms of medical skills? How do you want to refute this fact?”

Bai Hu only use 1 sentence to shut Ren Xueling’s mouth, making her face flush.

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Lu Zhixi bit her lower lip with a look of embarrassment and humiliation, but in the end, she lowered her eyes and silently concealed the expression in her eyes.

The people of Yongan City who were onlookers were finally awake at this time.

Aiya! The bet about the medical skills competition in the Changlefang!

That’s a bet that almost everyone in Yongan City took part in. Many people even bet almost all their belongings on Fairy Zhixi.

But the result of the current competition was that Fairy Zhixi actually lost?

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Suddenly, there was a deathly silence under the noisy city wall.

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