Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Chapter 995 The Show Is About to Begin

Li Zhenyu clutched his painful chest, took a step forward, stared fiercely at City Lord Zhuge with cold sweat on his forehead, and said coldly, “City Lord Zhuge, you better think about what you should do and what not to do!”

“Don’t forget about Zhixi’s identity, Xueling’s identity, and what is my identity is? Even if you are the lord of Yongan City, can you afford to offend all of us, the Doctors Association and Yunlan Sect? What’s more, you have also seen that the people of Yongan City also hope that Zhixi will win, don’t they?”

Fine sweat exuded on Zhuge Feng’s forehead. His eyes were filled with struggle.

Zhuge Xiaotian was just standing next to Zhuge Feng. After hearing Li Zhenyu threatening his father like this, he felt his anger surged up and he almost rushed out, but Zhuge Feng held him back tightly.

Zhuge Feng used to stay in the external hall of the Doctors Association, so he knew better than anyone how powerful the Doctors Association was. Offending them would never end well. What’s more, Li Zhenyu and Yunlan Sect couldn’t be offended easily as well.

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For a while, Zhuge Feng was in a dilemma.

Bai Hu looked at their secret interactions, and he suddenly laughed and raised the volume, “When I saw Elder Li, I suddenly remembered that there is something. I really want to let Lord Zhuge and all the people of Yongan City below take a look. It’s a very interesting video!”

After speaking, Bai Hu suddenly took out a piece of silver talisman paper and injected spiritual power into it. The talisman paper burned.

The clear image was also projected on the city wall, so that everyone could see clearly.

Although the recording talisman was rare, everyone on Miluo Continent still knew it.

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However, the recording talisman that Bai Hu took out shocked everyone. Generally, the images recorded by the recording talisman were silent. However, when the recording talisman in Bai Hu’s hand burned, in addition to the clear image, it even played Elder Li’s voice.

That’s right, when the recording talisman was played, it was Li Zhenyu’s voice. The video also showed 2 people who were very familiar to Yongan City people – Li Zhenyu and Master Yuehua.

“Master Yuehua, have you ever heard that Rumors are like a flame blown by the wind.”

Li Zhenyu trembled abruptly when he heard this sentence of his own voice. He said in disbelief, “You… how do you have such a thing?”

A leisurely smile appeared on Bai Hu’s face. He raised 1 finger to his lips and whispered, “Shh! Elder Li, be quiet, don’t disturb everyone in Yongan City watching this good show! After all, Elder Li, you know better than anyone else that the show is about to begin!”

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Li Zhenyu was stunned on the spot. Staring at the image broadcast, he only felt cold and sweaty in his palms.

And as the video played, upon hearing the dialogue between Master Yuehua and Li Zhenyu, the faces of everyone under the city wall were filled with indignation.

It turned out that, without them knowing, Master Yuehua was threatened and humiliated by Li Zhenyu!

Even if this was not enough, when Master Yuehua was about to successfully refine the pills just now, it was also Li Zhenyu who backstabbed Master Yuehua… Yes, at this moment, everyone believed that Li Zhenyu must have backstabbed Master Yuehua just now!

TL: Can’t afford to offend? Can he afford to offend all the people of Yanjing City though?

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