Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: Might as Well Rob

Bai Hu already showed the debt note to the crowd outside.

While showing it, he smiled and said, “Can you all see clearly? This is written by Li Zhenyu himself. The handwriting is his, and there is Li Family’s seal on it. Everyone here please see it clearly, lest Li Family refuse to admit it later and say that our young master is blackmailing them!”

Most of the people who could live in the vicinity of the Li Family were big families in Yongan City. They were not afraid of the Li Family and were even willing to watch the Li Family make a fool of themselves.

So when Bai Hu asked, they immediately laughed and echoed loudly.

The old man of the Li Family looked pale, and he couldn’t speak for a long while.

At this moment, a majestic voice came from behind, “Cheng’an, what happened?”

The old man turned his head and saw the visitor, and he immediately said in surprise, “Patriarch, they are here to make trouble! They claimed that Zhenyu owes them crystal stones and we must pay them back.”

What came out was a middle-aged man who looked younger than the old man, but he seemed to have an extraordinary vibe. His cultivation was obviously extremely high.

Many people immediately recognized the identity of this person. He was Li Zongming, the patriarch of the Li Family and the father of Li Zhenyu.

As Li Zongming heard this, he glanced at Bai Hu and Gu Liufeng with a cold gaze and said coldly, “You 2 break into my Li Family and cause trouble, what are your intentions?”

Bai Hu dug his ear and said impatiently, “Do you people of the Li Family understand human language? Didn’t I just say clearly enough? Li Zhenyu owed our young master crystal stones, so we are here to collect debts.”

The old man Li Chengan, who came out earlier, approached Li Zongming and whispered the amount on the debt note and the ins and outs of the matter in his ear.

Li Zongming’s eyes widened slightly, and his face turned gloomy. He gritted his teeth after a long while, “How do you prove that this debt note was written by Zhenyu? It is clear that you are working with the Changle Gambling House to blackmail our Li Family. This is simply ridiculous. If you get lost now, I can still let you go…”

“Hahahaha—!” Before Li Zongming could finish his words, Bai Hu had already laughed and interrupted him. He turned to the people at the gate, “See? I told you earlier that Li Family will refuse to admit it. He even said that the Changle Gambling House forged this debt note. Changle Gambling House was able to forge Li Zhenyu’s handwriting, and they also forged the seal of your Li Family?”

Immediately, he put away his smile and coldly, “Whether this debt note is real, can’t we make it clear after Patriarch Li let Li Zhenyu confront us?”

Li Zongming was infuriated hearing the ridicule of the crowd.

He said bluntly, “Zhenyu fell from the city wall that day because of you guys. Now, he is recuperating in the Yunlan Sect. If you want to find him, wait a few months.”

Bai Hu was amused by the shamelessness of the Li Family.

He didn’t smile, but he released a faint murderous intent, “Then does Elder Li mean that you don’t want to pay the debt?”

Li Zongming sneered, “Showing an inexplicable debt note, and you want us Li Family to pay such a large number of crystal stones? In your dream! You might as well rob us!”

Bai Hu sneered and said slowly, “Elder Li is really smart, how do you know that we are going to rob?”

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