Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: Whoever Got Hit Knew the Pain

Upon hearing the threat, Li Zongming’s complexion changed. His spiritual power skyrocketed, and a killing intent spread out. The spiritual pressure of Gold Core Stage martial artists was suddenly released.

But everyone present, including the spiritual pets, wasn’t bothered by this.

Bai Hu even squinted and smiled, “It seems that Li Family is really poor. They can’t even pay the crystal stones they owe. Little Egg, what if they don’t have the money? Wouldn’t we lose a lot?”

Little Egg immediately clutched his little paw and said without hesitation, “Isn’t that easy? If they don’t have money, just pay the debt with items. Comrades, let’s go! Let’s take all the treasure in this house; all of them!”

With that said, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, his little pink body had already rushed forward like a cannonball.

Bai Hu wanted to ask what “comrades” meant, but Little Egg had already run far away.

Because Little Egg rushed out, Little Golden Dragon, Purple Abyss Vine and Mo Xiaotu rushed out immediately without hesitation.

Only the best-behaved Xiao Li and the unresponsive Little Dumb Cow remained in place.

Li Zongming’s face was distorted by their arrogant faces, but he didn’t feel much fear for them in his heart.

Although the 2 in front of him were both at the Gold Core Stage, the Li Family had 5 Gold Core Stage cultivators. Even if Li Zhenyu was currently recovering from injuries, there were still 4 at the Gold Core Stage later stage.

As for the remaining few spiritual pets and women who didn’t seem threatening, they wouldn’t take them seriously.

They want to cause trouble in my Li Family with just these few guys? They are simply ignorant.

Li Zongming jumped up. A long sword appeared in his hand as he rushed toward Gu Liufeng.

He had already seen that Gu Liufeng had the highest cultivation among them, almost comparable to him.

As long as he killed Gu Liufeng first, the remaining people were simply not his opponent at all.

Gu Liufeng stood on the spot leisurely, he smirked slightly. The peach blossom eyes under the mask were gleaming as if they were shining with a different kind of light.

Just when Li Zongming’s sword was about to pierce Gu Liufeng’s heart, suddenly there was a bang from the tip of the sword.

The flying sword seemed to have hit an iron stone, and it bent and broke abruptly.

Before Li Zongming realized what had happened, a huge shadow already appeared in front of him.

Little Dumb Cow’s body had grown for 100 times, then he used the most primitive attack, headbutt, on Li Zongming’s head.


With a loud noise, Li Zongming only felt dizzy. The spiritual power shield that he cast shook for a while. Under the intense pain in his internal organs, he spouted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

But, how could Little Dumb Cow let him go so easily?

The huge body bounced on the ground like a ball. It rushed into the air, then it landed quickly, pressing on Li Zongming again.

Li Zongming seemed to hear the sound of his bones breaking, and he spouted a mouthful of blood. Finally, he couldn’t take it and fainted.

At this moment, everyone in the Li Family was in a mess.

They didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaotu and the spiritual pets at all, they just wanted to focus on dealing with Gu Liufeng and Bai Hu.

But when they really fought, they found out that they were wrong.

Throughout the battle, Bai Hu and Gu Liufeng both stood leisurely and watched the show. It was the group of little guys who actually fought.

Little Dumb Cow knocked out Li Zongming who was at the Gold Core Stage later stage.

Mo Xiaotu’s fist; whoever got hit knew the pain.

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