Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019: Turned Upside Down

Little Egg waved Purple Abyss Vine at a group of people, then he tied them together and threw them into the corner.

The most ruthless was actually Xiao Li who had the cutest look.

This was Xiao Li’s first real battle after coming out of the Secret Realm. She tried to prove that she had other strengths in addition to using illusion. When those guards of the Meridians Stage and Foundation Establishment stage just got close to her, they were blown back instantly and fainted right away.

In just a short time, the entire Li Family was actually turned upside down.

Even the remaining 2 Gold Core Stage elders were defeated by Little Golden Dragon and Little Purple, they tied them together and threw them on the ground.

Little Egg and the other little ones rushed into the Li Family happily, searching every inch of the Li Family’s corners and keeping all the valuables into the storage ring.

Little Purple searched everyone in Li Family and confiscated all of their storage rings.

Li Zongming had already woken up at this time. Seeing such a mess in his eyes; all the Li Family’s disciples had been stripped, he really wanted to faint again.

“Father, what happened?!”

Li Zhenyu’s voice came from outside the door. Seeing such a mess in the Li Family, he couldn’t help exclaiming.

Bai Hu, who was counting the treasures that Little Purple looted, heard Li Zhenyu’s voice and raised his head. He said with a half-smile, “Oh, Elder Li? I thought you had run to the Yunlan Sect to avoid the debt!”

Li Zhenyu saw Bai Hu and Gu Liufeng and quickly recognized their identities.

Thinking of the humiliation and embarrassment Xi Yue had caused him on the city wall, new hatred and old hatred suddenly surged up together.

“Bai Hu, Gu Liufeng, why are you doing this? You guys won the medical skill match and earned the fame and fortune, but now you even come to trouble my Li Family!? Don’t you think this is too much!”

“Too much?” Bai Hu sneered as he took out the debt note and shook it. “We are just here to collect what we deserve. How is it too much?”

Li Zhenyu’s face changed drastically when he saw the debt note in Bai Hu’s hand.

At first, he knew that Nangong Yu had bet a lot of crystal stones on Xi Yue. He thought they were trying to help Xi Yue gain momentum, and he was full of disdain for their behavior.

In addition, Lu Zhixi intentionally talked about this in front of him with a sad face. Li Zhenyu wanted to please Zhixi, so he wrote a debt note to increase Lu Zhixi’s win rate again.

In addition to helping Lu Zhixi build momentum and allowing rumors about Xi Yue to spread better, it was also because Li Zhenyu believed that Lu Zhixi would definitely win.

He was badly injured on the city wall and lost all his face, so he had forgotten the existence of this debt note.

Now seeing the debt note in Bai Hu’s hand, he immediately looked shocked.

The number of crystal stones was simply a sky-high price. If he really wanted to pay it back, he probably needed to dismantle the entire Li Family and exchange it for money.

However, if Li Family was dismantled and lost all funds, what was left of Li Zhenyu?

Thinking of this, Li Zhenyu immediately gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t know anything about this debt note!”

“You don’t know?” Bai Hu sneered, “Hehe, it doesn’t matter to us whether Young Master Li knows it or not. We just want to confirm that the seal belongs to the Li Family. Since Young Master Li wants to renege, we will just take all the things in the Li Family to pay the debt!”

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