Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020: What’s Left?

“You… you dare–!!!” Li Zhenyu’s face turned pale in horror.

Then he looked at the mess in his home and his father’s dying look, his body trembled suddenly.

At this moment, Little Egg and Mo Xiaotu had searched everything and ran out happily.

Mo Xiaotu said, “Bai Hu, their marble is made of green jade. I heard from my grandfather that green jade can be used to make inscribed jade slip, which is of good value, so I dug out their floors and took them away.”

Bai Hu immediately smiled and praised, “Little Rabbit is really smart, well done! When we return, I will let young master cook you a good meal!”

Mo Xiaotu immediately smiled delightedly.

Little Egg held his face with his paw and smiled, “They have planted a lot of precious spiritual grass in their backyard. I have pulled out all the spiritual grass. I believe mom will like it.”

Xiao Li also got together with Little Egg and said in a gentle voice, “I also helped Aunty Little Purple to collect storage rings. I haven’t missed any of them. Aunty Little Purple, right?”

The purple vine shook immediately, and she affectionately touched Xiao Li’s little face.

Li Zhenyu, who listened to their conversation, felt dizzy and barely fainted on the ground.

Storage rings, spiritual grass, and even the green jade bricks, these people have taken them all. What is left in the Li Family? What is left for me, Li Zhenyu?

“Asshole, I will fight to the death with you——!!!” Li Zhenyu screamed. He even forgot to take out his spiritual weapon, and he rushed toward Bai Hu frantically.

Bai Hu didn’t even move, but the purple vine rose up into the sky and whipped at Li Zhenyu’s chest.

Li Zhenyu’s ribs that healed just now made a crackling sound, and he flew out directly and collapsed to the ground.

Bai Hu laughed and waved his hand, “Since we have collected the debt, let’s go back!”

The little ones responded in unison, each with their heads up and their chests tall; they seemed indescribable domineering.

Gu Liufeng slowly followed behind a few people and shook his head with a smile, but after walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and looked at Li Zongming.

Li Zongming was sinisterly looking at Little Golden Dragon, Little Dumb Cow and the others.

Gu Liufeng’s eyes dimmed. He frowned slightly, then he revealed a hint of sneer before catching up with Bai Hu and the others.


In Tian Gang Kingdom’s Yongan City, the medical skills match between Hexi and Fairy Zhixi was known to everyone.

But in the remote Jin Ling Kingdom’s Yanjing City, many people didn’t know anything about this.

At this time, Feng Yunjing was also entering Yanjing City.

It was just that compared to when they came, they all disguised themselves.

On the streets of Yanjing City, 3 soldiers lined up patrolling from time to time.

These soldiers were wearing black armor with distinctive signs. Fengyun Jing recognized them as the Iron Kirin soldiers of King of Hell at a glance, and they were called Iron Kirin, the first elite army of the Miluo Continent.

A middle-aged man next to Feng Yunjing gently stroked his long beard and said in a deep voice, “It seems that the news is right. The King of Hell Mansion has now completely controlled the entire Yanjing City. Even the Imperial Guard who is in charge of protecting Yanjing City has also been replaced by Iron Kirin.”