Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021: I’m Zhu Que

Feng Yunjing looked ugly when he heard that. He gritted his teeth and said with hatred, “Hmph! What King of Hell, he is just a kid in his early twenties! If it weren’t for my father and elders stopping me from going against the King of Hell Mansion, can Nangong Yu control Yanjing City?”

The middle-aged man saw his volume increased and his spiritual power with murderous intent had attracted the attention of Iron Kirin soldiers not far away.

He quickly stretched out his hand to hold Feng Yunjing, and he whispered, “Young master please calm down. After all, Nangong Yu is just a powerless high-rank martial artist. With his ability, he can only dominate a small country. To our Feng Family, he is nothing at all.”

The words of the middle-aged man made Feng Yunjing’s complexion look a lot better, and his spiritual power calmed down.

Upon seeing this, the middle-aged man hurriedly continued, “But young master should know that your biggest enemy right now is not Nangong Yu, but the young master who can return to the Feng Family anytime!”

Feng Yunjing’s eyes were cold, and he said 3 words coldly, “Feng Yunzhao! Don’t even dream of coming back! I will never give him this opportunity!”

The middle-aged man saw his look, and he quickly convinced, “So young master, we must not make mistakes in our mission this time. We must control Shengde Hall and Xi Yue in the hans of our Feng Family. As for this mere Yanjing City, young master, let me tell you the truth, compared to Shengde Hall and the best quality pills behind it, even the entire Jin Ling Kingdom is nothing. Why should the young master compete with a King of Hell for a small town?”

Feng Yunjing’s gaze swept over the Iron Kirin soldiers, and he snorted, “I know, no need to say more. Let’s go to Shengde Hall now.”

The 2 went all the way toward Shengde Hall.

At this time, both of them were wearing inconspicuous costumes, and Feng Yunjing’s hair had drooped down from the front, covering his remarkable face.

It seemed to outsiders that these were just 2 of the most common foreign tourists who wants to go to Shengde Hall to buy medicinal pills.

After turning around a corner, Feng Yunjing saw Shengde Hall right in front of him. Suddenly, a figure suddenly pounced on him.

How powerful was Feng Yunjing? Even without using spiritual power, he could quickly dodge the attack.

He was in a bad mood. Now someone came to trouble him, his eyes suddenly became hostile, and the sword qi in his hand quietly condensed.

Just when his sword qi was about to be released, a woman’s hoarse voice suddenly sounded, “Young Master Feng, it is me, I’m Zhu Que, I’m Zhu Que next to King of Hell!”

Feng Yunjing was stunned for a moment when he saw a woman in ragged clothes and disheveled hair not far away.

Seeing Feng Yunjing’s action, the woman immediately rushed over, hugged his leg and whispered, “Young Master Feng, save me, please save me and my master!”

Feng Yunjing frowned.

He of course knew who Zhu Que was; she was 1 of the 4 trusted subordinates of Nangong Yu.

But his status was honorable, how could he remember the look of Nangong Yu’s subordinate.

However, the middle-aged man next to Feng Yunjing was surprised when he heard the woman’s words. He bowed his head and lifted the woman’s face, waving her hair to take a look.

With just this wave, the middle-aged man almost vomited. He quickly threw his hand away with disgust.

It turned out that the woman’s face was covered with large black spots. Her skin was wrinkled and dry like tree bark like an old woman. There was also a scary scar on her face that was slightly wriggling like a centipede.