Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022: This Look

“This… what the hell is this?!” The middle-aged man yelled in horror.

He had seen Zhu Que’s appearance. Although she couldn’t be said to be glamorous, she was also a beautiful woman. How could she be like this nowadays? She was

uglier than the beggar on the street.

The woman covered her face hurriedly, screamed in horror, and murmured, “It’s not me… it’s not me… It’s the bitch Nalan Hexi who framed me! It’s she who harmed me!”

Nalan Hexi? This name made both Feng Yunjing and the middle-aged man puzzled.

At this time, the woman had once again rushed toward Feng Yunjing, saying in tears, “Young Master Feng, you must believe me, I really am Zhu Que, and my master is Elder Cheng from the Doctors Association. I will become like this because I was framed by that slut. And my master is also controlled by that slut. Young Master Feng, please trust me!”

As soon as the woman rushed over, Feng Yunjing smelled an unpleasant odor. His eyes were full of disgust, and he kicked away the woman.

Unexpectedly, the hair of the woman fell off during the pulling, a black and uneven scalp and the woman’s old and ugly face were also revealed to them.

People passing by accidentally saw it, and they couldn’t help but let out an exclamation, “Ghost——!!!”

Feng Yunjing also felt his stomach tumbling, almost vomiting on the spot.

The movement here finally alarmed Iron Kirin soldiers that were patrolling around. One of the Iron Kirin teams was about to come here to check the situation.

The middle-aged man frowned and quickly said, “Young Master, this woman knows Elder Cheng, maybe she really is Zhu Que. We might as well take her away first so we can ask questions.”

Feng Yunjing pondered for a moment and nodded, then he stretched out his hand and waved lightly; a transparent shield covered all 3 of them.

In the blink of an eye, the 3 people disappeared in place.


In a remote mansion in Yanjing City, Feng Yunjing and the middle-aged man slowly appeared.

There was also the ugly ghost-like woman.

As soon as the woman was thrown to the ground by Feng Yunjing, she immediately knelt on the ground, begging and crying, “Thank you, Young Master Feng, for saving my life. Young Master Feng, please save my master too!”

“Your master?” Feng Yunjing narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “You mean Nangong Yu?”

“Yes! Yes! King of Hell Nangong Yu is my master!”

“What do you mean by asking me to save him? What happened to Nangong Yu?”

The ugly woman raised her head abruptly. She said with her eyes sparkling, “Master… Master, is controlled by the slut. Yes, it must be so. It’s all because of that slut that the master’s temperament has changed drastically. It’s completely different from before. He even, even abolished my spiritual root and put me into the Spirit Sealing Prison! I somehow managed to escape~”

The centipede scar on her face trembled as she said; her eyes were full of resentment and hatred.

“Abolish spiritual root?!” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but whisper, “No wonder… No wonder you become like this? So, you really are Zhu Que?”

The woman raised her head, looked carefully at the middle-aged man for a long while, and suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “You’re Hall Master Zheng of the Feng Family, I used to take medicine from you!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed, then he nodded at Feng Yunjing, “Young Master, it seems that she is really Zhu Que. It’s just Zhu Que, you… how did you become the way you are now?”