Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023: Is It Xi Yue?


“I just said it. It’s because of that slut!” Zhu Que suddenly screamed hysterically. “It was that slut who caused me to be locked in the damn place like Spirit Sealing Prison. I was suffering so much, but I couldn’t die! I can’t wait to peel her skin, detach her muscle tendon, eat her meat! The bitch bewitches my master to treat me like that, she will definitely not end well!”

Zhu Que had escaped from King of Hell Mansion for 10 days, but remembering the days in Spirit Sealing Prison, she felt like falling into the abyss of hell.

Every day in the Spirit Sealing Prison was extremely torturing. Especially when she saw the reflection of her face in the water, she wanted to tear Hexi into pieces.

But at that time, she still had a glimmer of hope.

Zhu Que always felt that the master was just being controlled by the slut, and lost his heart. When he woke up, he would know that she was the one who was good for him, and he would definitely let her go out.

However, she had been tormented in the Spirit Sealing Prison for so long, but what she finally got was not Nangong Yu’s “wake up”, but the Zhu Que mark on her body disappeared without a trace.

The disappearance of Zhu Que’s mark meant that someone had taken her place; it meant that King of Hell Mansion and Nangong Yu completely erased her existence.

Zhu Que was completely desperate in the Spirit Sealing Prison, but at the same time, she was hysterically crazy.

She was not reconciled; not reconciling to living like an inhuman in the Spirit Sealing Prison; not reconciling to just dying like this.

Even if I’m going to die, I must let the bitch who harmed me get retribution and get what she deserves.

With that madness, Zhu Que broke 2 of her meridians and escaped from the Spirit Sealing Prison.

She escaped from the Spirit Sealing Prison originally intended to go to the Doctors Association to find her master, but after she left the King of Hell Mansion, she discovered that Iron Kirin had taken control of the entire Yanjing City.

The bases and medicine halls of the Feng Family and the Doctors Association originally stationed on the street were all cleaned up.

If she wants to leave Yanjing City, she must be interrogated by the Iron Kirin. With her current appearance, it would definitely attract attention. She would even be recognized by Xuan Wu at a glance.

At this time, Zhu Que was even more desperate to find that even if she escaped from the Spirit Sealing Prison, she was still unable to escape. She could only watch her body aging day by day and dying day by day.

When she was desperate, she suddenly saw Feng Yunjing on the street.

Hall Master Zheng didn’t recognize her at a glance, but she had seen Feng Yunjing many times before. Coupled with Feng Yunjing’s outstanding appearance, she naturally recognized him at a glance.

When Zhu Que saw Feng Yunjing, it was like seeing her only savior, so he rushed toward Feng Yunjing on the street desperately.

Hall Master Zheng asked how Zhu Que would become like this, but Zhu Que’s mind at this time was already a little confused.

She just spoke incoherently and kept shouting; it’s that bitch who set me up; that bitch seduced my master and controlled my master.

Hall Master Zheng remembered the rumors in Yanjing City, and he suddenly frowned, “Is the person you mentioned that harmed you, Xi Yue?”

“Xi Yue… Xi Yue? That’s right, it’s Xi Yue! No! Wrong!”

Zhu Que nodded first, then she shook her head violently, “No, that slut is not called Xi Yue. Xi Yue is just her pseudonym. Her real name is not Xi Yue, she… she is Third Miss from Nalan Mansion, She is the daughter of Nalan Zhengze – Nalan Hexi!!!”