Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: Tell Us in Detail


“Nalan Hexi?!” Feng Yunjing and Hall Master Zheng couldn’t help exclaiming.

Feng Yunjing knew that Xi Yue was a woman, but he did not expect that Xi Yue’s true identity turned out to be a Miss of the Nalan Family.

Moreover, he heard that the Nalan Family was exterminated a month ago. Now the entire mansion was empty like a haunted house. Could it be that Xi Yue did all this?

Hall Master Zheng was shocked that Xi Yue, who had turned the entire Feng Family upside down, and the amazing young man who amazed the world, turned out to be a woman.

No wonder, it’s no wonder that Nangong Yu protects her so much and has such an ambiguous relationship with her! It seems that Nangong Yu has long known Xi Yue’s identity as a woman.

Hall Master Zheng took a deep breath, suppressed the shock in his heart, and continued to ask Zhu Que, “You said Xi Yue controlled Nangong Yu, how did she do it? How do you prove it?”

Zhu Que bit her teeth, making a rattling sound as if thinking of something. The pair of eyes bulged up on her wrinkled face, looking extremely scary.

“If master weren’t controlled, how could master treat such a powerless ugly slut differently; if master were not controlled, how could master ignore his own illness in order to save her!”

“Wait! Sickness?” Hall Master Zheng quickly grabbed a word, “Nangong Yu got sick? What illness does he have?”

Zhu Que opened her mouth slightly, trying to say something, but she soon closed his mouth tightly and remained silent.

All of the 4 confidants had a blood pact with Nangong Yu. Even if she was no longer Zhu Que and her cultivation was lost, the binding force of the blood pact still exists.

As long as she dared to tell the secrets related to Nangong Yu, the blood pact would immediately backlash, killing her on the spot.

Feng Yunjing was anxious in his heart. He wanted to know Nangong Yu’s weakness right away. He gathered a sword aura in his hand and said fiercely, “Tell me or not?! What illness does Nangong Yu have?”

Listening to Zhu Que’s tone, Nangong Yu’s illness should be very serious.

This is equivalent to Nangong Yu’s weakness. If I can grasp this weakness, I might be able to get rid of Nangong Yu.

By then, isn’t Xi Yue mine?

Zhu Que was full of horror. She covered his mouth, shook her head desperately, and refused to say one more word.

Hall Master Zheng seemed to have thought of something. He frowned slightly, stopped Feng Yunjing, and said coldly to Zhu Que, “You tell us all the things that happened before and after Nangong Yu met Xi Yue in detail.”

Seeing that she had escaped, she was overjoyed. In order to win the trust of Feng Yunjing, she didn’t dare to conceal anything. She quickly told all the things she knew about Nalan Hexi, Xi Yue and Nangong Yu.

“The bitch Nalan Hexi was a trash at the time. She didn’t have any spiritual power, and her medical skills were just at the amatuer level. She couldn’t even refine pill. However, master believed her more than me, and he even let this bitch treat him!”

No cultivation?! Can’t refine pill?!

Feng Yunjing and Hall Master Zheng looked at each other again in horror.

If Xi Yue really didn’t have spiritual power at all and didn’t know how to refine pill more than half a year ago, then according to her now well-known ability, how outstanding is this person’s talent? What has she encountered that let her have such an achievement now?