Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025: 1025

Chapter 1025: Death Penalty Speech Prohibition

Zhu Que shook her head and said, “I… I don’t know. I only know that master was in retreat, and he left suddenly. When he came back, he brought back Xi Yue who was unconscious. I was a doctor, so I could feel that Xi Yue was already facing death. If it weren’t for master to sacrifice himself to save her, how could this slut survive? How could it arouse the earthshaking natural phenomenon.”

“Arousing the earthshaking natural phenomenon? What do you mean by that?”

Zhu Que recalled the scene of that day, and she gritted her teeth and said viciously, “In Yanjing City, everyone knows that Nalan Hexi is a waste that cannot cultivate, and her dantian is a waste dantian! But, I don’t know what the bitch seduced my master to do. After her injury healed, she was suddenly able to draw spirit into her body, and even…”

When Zhu Que was about to say the strange scene of a giant vortex sucking all the spiritual power and the Evil Sun in Night (previously translated as Demon Day And Night), her body suddenly twitched.

“What kind of natural phenomenon is it?!” Hall Master Zheng was anxious. He grabbed Zhu Que by the collar and asked anxiously.

Zhu Que’s face was full of pain. She kept scratching her neck, desperately trying to speak, but she couldn’t say anything except for making a click sound.

“This… what’s going on? Zhu Que, what happened to you?”

Zhu Que’s face changed from red to white, then from white to green. She looked like a fish about to die of suffocation. She couldn’t do anything except squirming her mouth and protruding her eyes.

Feng Yunjing’s expression changed slightly and said, “She was cast with a speech prohibition art!”

The so-called speech prohibition art would only be triggered only when certain forbidden words were mentioned. Once the enchantment was triggered, those who wanted to tell the secret would be punished.

There were several types of punishments. Some were minor punishments, which could be restored to normal after the pain. Some were the soul imprisonment of the fundamental essence. Once the prohibited words were spoken, one’s soul would be irreversibly damaged.

Of course, there was also the death penalty.

Feng Yunjing shook his head indifferently, “She was given a death penalty speech prohibition; she’s gone.”

Hall Master Zheng released his hand with an annoyed look and threw Zhu Que to the ground. He said with disgust, “I thought saving this ugly monster can let us know more secrets about the King of Hell Mansion and Xi Yue, but she can’t help anything at all.”

Zhu Que’s body twitched after hearing the words. Her eyes were full of despair and resentment, but she couldn’t say anything in the end. She died with blood coming out from her 7 orifices.

Looking at Zhu Que who was dead, Feng Yunjing frowned and muttered to herself, “Strange natural phenomenon, what phenomenon is it?”

He knew that a lot of things happened in Yanjing City during this time. The spiritual power vortex that rumored to appear in the Evil Sun in Night, the earlier opening of the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, these… do these have anything to do with Xi Yue?

Hall Master Zheng frowned and said, “In any case, there must be an ulterior secret in Nangong Yu and Xi Yue. And this secret must have something to do with the best quality pill sold by Shengde Hall. Maybe, it’s also related to the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.”

Feng Yunjing nodded, and he said coldly, “It seems that, as we had expected, the new owner of Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory is likely to be Nangong Yu or Xi Yue.”

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