Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: 1026

Chapter 1026: Red Clothes Like Fire

Feng Yunjing clenched his fists abruptly, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

Xi Yue turns out to be Nalan Hexi; the well known useless trash in Yanjing City.

However, such a trash turned into a genius overnight and caused a natural phenomenon. What kind of secret is hidden in her body?

I still remember that in Breaking Spirit Mountain, Xi Yue had the power to resist even under my hands. Her strength is even comparable to the Hall Master Zheng besides.

But in just half a year, how did she progress from a waste person with no cultivation to a powerhouse who can fight with Gold Core Stage?

And what benefits did Nangong Yu get from this?

If I can get Xi Yue and know the secret of Xi Yue’s rapid advancement, can I be stronger than Nangong Yu? Will the elders in the clan also look at me differently?

Hall Master Zheng suddenly said in a deep voice, “Young Master, why don’t we go to Nalan Mansion first? Maybe we can find any clues.”

Feng Yunjing nodded, then they quickly disposed of Zhu Que’s body and left the mansion in a flash.


“Young Master, the Nalan Mansion is ahead. It is already empty now, and I heard that it is even haunted, so it hasn’t been sold yet.”

Feng Yunjing listened to Hall Master Zheng’s narration and nodded. They accelerated their pace and were about to enter the gate.

Suddenly, Feng Yunjing’s footsteps halted, and he retreated abruptly.

The door of the Nalan Mansion was still empty; no one was there, but Feng Yunjing’s face looked shocked and uncertain. His eyes were full of panic.

Hall Master Zheng, who had been following Feng Yunjing, saw Feng Yunjing stepped back, so he gave him a hand.

At this time, he could feel the slight tremor of Feng Yunjing’s hand, and the fear and amazement that permeated his emotions.

Hall Master Zheng looked at the door of Nalan Mansion, but there was nothing unusual at all.

He couldn’t help asking, “Young Master, what’s the matter?”

Feng Yunjing opened her mouth, unable to speak for a while, “There is…”

After finally uttering 2 words, his pupils suddenly shrank. The blood in his body seemed to freeze, and he could no longer move anymore.

At this time, Hall Master Zheng also found something wrong.

He stared straight into the direction of the Nalan Mansion’s main entrance, only to see a figure slowly appearing there.

The red clothes were like fire, and the hair was like a waterfall.

The exquisite eyebrows were like the dazzling sun, which made people want to worship and confess their sins just by looking at them.

It was a young man who could take away the breathing of those who saw him.

His face was covered by black silk-like hair. The light and shadow disappeared, making him look elusive. However, he knew by just a glance that how peerless and fascinating the man’s look was.

When Hall Master Zheng met Nangong Yu for the first time before, he also admired that there was such an outstanding man in the world. Only that face could make all women in the world willing to die for him. No wonder the arrogant Miss would fall for Nangong Yu faithfully for so many years.

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