Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029: A Series Of Questions


Nangong Yu saw Hexi’s frown and the hidden worries in her gaze. He couldn’t help but step forward, hugged her and said, “Xi’er, don’t think too much, no matter what that person wants to do, I won’t let him hurt you.”

Hexi raised his head and glanced at Xiao Chi who was aside, then she looked back at Nangong Yu and said in a low voice, “Nangong Yu, do you think that person’s purpose is my mother?”

Even though she didn’t even see the face of the man in red clothes, Hexi always had a trace of inexplicable anxiety in her heart.

After she heard her master talk about An Lingyue, she was always worried that one day, those people who were looking for An Lingyue would look for her and Xiao Chi again.

So now when she heard the news of the man in red clothes, she felt that this man came for An Lingyue.

Nangong Yu’s eyebrows jumped slightly, and his hands holding Hexi tightened again.

He suddenly raised his head and made a gesture. Bai Hu and Qing Long immediately went out. Gu Liufeng also sensibly pulled Xiao Chi out.

Nangong Yu lowered his head and said, “Xi’er, are you sure that your mother An Lingyue is dead?”

Hexi was stunned, then she tried to find the memory of the original owner. She frowned, “I… I don’t know. Many things are too far away, I can’t remember them clearly.”

“But in my memory, my mother disappeared suddenly. I haven’t seen her body, nor have I seen her buried.”

Nangong Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly with a thoughtful look, “Disappearance doesn’t necessarily mean dead. As long as you don’t see the corpse, she may still be alive.”

“But, even Mammy Chen kept saying that my mother was dead.” Hexi was startled, then she shook her head again. “And, if mother hadn’t died, how could Nalan Zhengze believe it? I’ve been in contact with Nalan Zhengze, he didn’t doubt my mother’s death at all.”

“What’s more, if my mother hadn’t died, where would she be now? Why didn’t she show up until now?”

Hexi’s series of questions silenced the entire room.

Nangong Yu sighed and said, “Forget it, no matter if An Lingyue is still alive or not, Xi’er you should never mention her in front of anyone. As your master said, if An Lingyue really comes from the upper realm, then those who searched for her more than a decade ago were definitely not what we can fight against now.”

Hexi nodded, reached out, hugged Nangong Yu back and let out a sigh of relief, “You too, you must protect yourself.”

Nangong Yu smiled softly and dropped a kiss on her head, but in the blink of an eye, the smile on his face was replaced by contemplation.

Is the man in red clothes from the upper realm? Who is he? What is his purpose?


Next, Hexi stayed in Yongan City for a few days with a responsible attitude toward the patient to ensure that Zhuge Xiaotian’s illness would not recur.

After Xiao Chi completely absorbed the second piece of Divine Soul Jade, his spirit became better and he could say more and more words, which made Hexi very happy.

When Hexi got up early this morning, Hexi did not see Little Egg and other little guys.

At this moment, Mo Xiaotu came in with her mouth pouting. She said angrily, “Sister Xi Yue, Little Egg, they are too bad; they didn’t call me when they went to buy gifts! They said we will go out together in the morning, hmph! I will ignore them when they are back!”

Hexi saw her face with messy hair and sleepy eyes, and she couldn’t help but sneer, “Did you oversleep, so they didn’t wake you up and went out by themselves?”